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On nights choose thisWhen the world's a little amissAnd the lights go down across the trailer parkI gain down, I feel hadI feel on the verge of walk madAnd climate it's time to beat the clockI placed on part make-upAnd turn on the ice cream deckAnd placed the wig back on my headSuddenly I'm miss out on Midwest Midnight checkout queenUntil i head homeAnd I put myself to bedI look back on wherein I'm fromLook in ~ the woman I've becomeAnd the strangest things seem suddenly routineI look up from my Vermouth top top the rocksA gift sheathe wig still in the boxOf towering velveteenI placed on some make-upSome Lavern BakerAnd pull the wig down from the shelfSuddenly I'm miss Beehive 1963Until ns wake upAnd i turn ago to myself
Some girl they acquired natural easeThey wear it any method they pleaseWith their French flip curls and perfumed magazinesWear that up, let that downThis is the best means that I've foundTo be the ideal you've ever before seenI placed on some make-upTurn on the eight-trackI'm pulling theWig under from the shelfSuddenly I'm miss out on Farrah Fawcett native TVUntil i wake upAnd i turn back to myselfShag, bi-level, Bob, Dorothy Hamill doSausage curls, chicken wings, it's all since of youWith your blow dried, feather backed Toni home wave, tooFlip, fro, frizz, flop, it's all because of youIt's all because of you, it's all because of you
Okay everyoneIt's my favorite part of the songThe sing-a-longWhere I acquire to hear you song the native that ns wroteAre friend ready?Everyone!I put on part make-upLovelyTurn increase the eight-trackWhat's one eight track?I'm pulling the wig down from the shelfWonderful!
(sung)Suddenly I'm this punk rock star that stage and also screenAnd ns ain't neverI'm never turning back!

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