As shortly as Mae wakes up on job 11, examine the computer system for message from Gregg, Angus and also Bea which will certainly let you recognize where they can be discovered for the day. Together per usual, do your way downstairs and also chat come your mommy again before leaving.

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Head to the left and Auntie Mallcop will avoid you for a chat. After which, we need to make our way into the city Centre. There room a couple of things to do here prior to we proceed to work towards Achievements/Trophies. This include:

Speak to Lori M top top the roof overlooking the soldier statue.Return come the structure with the Musician with the Saxaphone come the left the the rooftop of Angus and Gregg’s house. You’ll find that both musicians the you have actually met will certainly be here now. Speak through them because that a brand-new Diary keep in mind and also unlock the ‘Deep hollow Hollerers’ Achievement/Trophy.


When you arrive, you’ll discover that over there is a locked gate avoiding your progress. Usage the slanted tombs/mausoleums in prior of the door as stepping stones come jump over the gate. ~ above the far side, obtain onto the tree to the left that the gate and stand ~ above the upper branch hanging over it. Jump up and down ~ above this a couple of times to rest the branch and also open the gate.

Once the gate is open, do your means down the hill to the right until you with the bottom. Right here you’ll find the grave that we’ve to be looking for. Following a brief chat, we require to discover a pair of points because that interest. Walk to the left or right of the grave till you watch the check icon over Mae’s head. Inspect all three sites.

After inspecting the sites, go back to Bea because that a chat. Once this is finished relocate to the grave to below right and also jump up and also down in front of it 3 times. This will create a quick mini-game. Relocate Mae’s hand approximately the black handle in the top, right of the coffin, take it and also pull the down.


Option 2: The historical Society

When you with the Historical society building a quick chat will ensue before you uncover yourself in the basement. Head come the right and up the stairway to reach the key floor the the building. Head past the spiral stairs and also use the elevator in ~ the far finish of the floor to head approximately the next floor above.

After exiting the lift, enter the very first door that you come across. Run to the ideal until you with the third television screen. Examine this for a quick chat. Go back to the key hall and also head to the right to find one more elevator. We have the right to ride this increase or down. Head up first.

Upon leaving the elevator, run to the left come find another elevator, this one yet is locked. Proceed past the locked elevator and also into the room at the far, left the the hallway. This is the map room. Head to the left, pressing the buttons together you walk to reveal a map the Possum Springs on the earlier wall. When you with the far end of the room, you’ll discover a statue v a toolkit in ~ it. Loot this for a pair that Pliers.


Exit the map room and also return previous the locked elevator come the previous one. This time, drive the elevator down twice to with an office area below. Prey the workdesks in this room till you discover a Paperclip.

With the Pliers and the Paperclip in hand, do your method back come the broken elevator. After ~ a brief scene, Gregg will gain the elevator working. Drive it under to reach the basement again. Here, Gregg will now work his magic on the left-hand elevator.


Following the drive up and a short jaunt roughly the attic, you will do it eventually uncover yourself on a fire escape. Monitor Gregg under to the ground.

This will complete the investigation. After the scene, you will do it be back at home and you’ll get a new Diary keep in mind .

Option 3: The Park

After getting here at the park with Angus, do your method to the left. Follow Angus up the hill, chatting as you go. Once you reach the peak of the hill, Angus will climb to the optimal of a set of stairs. Run below the stairs and also grab all 4 of the yellow ‘helicopter boxes’ indigenous the branches here.

Once you have rounded increase the notes, return them come Angus atop the stairs because that a chat.

When you regain control, it will certainly be later at night and also you’ll it is in in a different location. Again, monitor Angus to the left, chatting through him as he stops a few times. Eventually, you’ll with the optimal of a cliff. After an additional short conversation a mini-game will certainly begin.

We should use Mae’s hand to attract lines between stars to develop constellations. There are 4 of these in total and after finding every of castle (its no hard!), a scene will play.

For completing this activity, you’ll obtain some Diary note , and also .

After completing the 2nd Ghost Investigation task a scene will certainly play where you’ll be ago at Gregg and also Angus’s ar for a debrief. A quick conversation will ensue after which you will do it be whisked away to an additional area.

When you reclaim control, merely run to the left avoiding for chats a few times. Eventually, you’ll come to a mountaintop whereby a scene will play. Complying with the scene, you will do it be running away. Have Mae jump end the tiny mounds that dirt the cross her path.

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Eventually the scene will certainly go black and the chapter will certainly end. Once we gain back control, component 4: The end of Everything, work 11 (continued) will begin.