Jinsei x Boku = is the sixth full-length album of OOR released critical March 6, 2013. At an initial I was puzzled on exactly how to review the album"s title. Ns would use the hatchet "Jinsei-Boku" before, but it"s actually read as "Jinsei kakete boku wa", and according to some sources, that simply way "I will hazard my life to...". Currently that"s deep.

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Among all albums the ONE yes sir ROCK, this is mine number one favorite. Why? Simple. It"s this album the the band really walk their ideal to expose themselves to their fans. Many of the songs from this album were motivated by their very own musical influences, such as Linkin" Park. I"ve check out a lot of comments in the internet that this album do ONE yes ROCK walk mainstream, however I personally don"t agree with that, "cause there room tracks, like "Deeper Deeper", that"s not mainstream at all.
Introduction~Where idiot need to go~ - as soon as the cello began to play its strings, I understand that it"s going to provide a heavy feeling, yet on the later component of this introduction, the music gets lighter, it"s together if hope will constantly bring irradiate to a person"s life. The intro"s fairly nice actually.Ending Story?? - in ~ first, Taka starts to whisper, and also then that screams! i love the method he screams by the method haha. Anyways, this track is one of my faves indigenous this album, and they really did display something new because Taka did rap in this song.ONION! - "Life is favor an ONION!"...Yeah and now your talking. I"m no really a huge fan of this track, yet it"s absolutely promising together they want to let your audience hear to their songs around life and stuff.The Beginning - ns hereby declare that this song made ONE yes sir ROCK famous all across the globe. Takeru Sato request Taka to write a track for the movie "Rurouni Kenshin" and also he did no fail. The movie came to be a great hit, and so together the soundtrack. What i love about this song is the message and also the means they translate it musically. A many of people can relate come it due to the fact that it"s all about fighting because that something that"s valuable to you. "The Beginning" was likewise the crucial for the band"s new beginning, together they ended up being one that the world"s peak bands today.
Clock Strikes - This soooooong!!! This is the reason why I dropped in love with this tape a lot! and also I heard the in a live version, which way that they room REALLY that awesome. Until now, whenever i hear this one, I always feel a the majority of emotions. Because that me this song, even when ns don"t understand every one of it "cause most lyrics are in Japanese, touches my soul. Really provides me the feels of positivity and hope, and also I bet part fans carry out feel it too.
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Be The light - It"s one of this album"s ballads and also this song"s yes, really emotional. I love it when Taka pours a most emotions in a song due to the fact that it really affects anyone listens to it. What"s special around this one is the it"s a pure English track, should be because he yes, really intended to reach the end to a lot of of people as much as possible, and his English keeps getting better and much better every album.Definitely among my faves,and it"s a must-listen track.
Nothing Helps - another English track! I like this tune a lot. Seems favor they"re telling their very own band"s story to their fans. I"ve gotta say, it"s among those OOR songs the I"m proud of. Because that me "Nothing Helps" is prefer a prequel the the following track - "Juvenile".Juvenile - A song about knowing what you desire in life and chasing ~ them. This track"s providing me much more reasons to love this album. At first, I thought this to be a chill sort of rock song, however at the bridge, Taka optimal it off v a scream, and also that made this track more passionate than ever. Honestly, this is just one of my fave song of the band.All Mine - I"ve heard the this is Ryota"s fave tune from this album...awwww isn"t that romantic? i love it how they put variety in this album. This song, "All Mine", is a mellow track. Simply the piano, cello, and violin every together. This is also one of mine faves native the album. So, if you"re searching for a romantic, mellow, and sweet monitor that"s perfect for a slow-moving dance, then it"s gotta it is in this one!Smiling under - I"m no really a fan of this track. Yet again, they are putting range to this album. Because that me, this is one emo track. It"s additionally worth listening come anyway. Whenever i hear this one, it reminds me of the tape The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus...just sayin".Deeper Deeper - ns really yes, really wanna see the tape play this track LIVE! depth Deeper is this album"s difficult rock track. Whenever i hear this one, I"m desire for an ext of your music. The intro, the bass, the drums, the guitar, and also the vocals mix perfectly to make that ultimate absent track that"s gonna do the fans scream..."soshite good good days!!!"
69 - I know what your thinking, but that"s no it! sorry to disappointed you, however this is no a sex track. Nope! not at all! LOL XD "69" simply way "rock" (roku is 6 in Japanese, and also ku is 9 in Japanese, all with each other it"s "rokku"). In this track, you can hear much more of Taka rapping. I uncover this one interesting and it"s one of those OOR monitor that have a very great musicality. Ns love Toru"s guitar here! If you ever feel choose dancing to rock, climate this gotta be it.the very same as... - It started with just the piano and Taka, climate after the an initial chorus, the tape comes in v a bang! next the verses were sang gently and heartfelt, and also the tape toned under a bit, but during the second refrain, the tape goes louder. The track"s full of change and for me it"s not negative "cause the transitions did complement the text after all. This is no really among my favourite tracks native the album, however it"s additionally a an excellent one.

Overall: 10/10! because that me the line up that the totality album is perfect. Track after song, it speak a story. A story the ONE yes sir ROCK desires to share not only to their fans, but additionally to the world who seeks for themselves, realizing their dreams, and also helping them with it.
This album, Jinsei x Boku =, is absolutely NOT mainstream because that me. In my opinion, the band simply wanna give a key of selection to their fans, and also a the majority of them misinterpret the genre that the album.ONE OK rock took it to a whole brand-new level. They included four (4) English tracks this time: "Be The Light", "Nothing Helps", Juvenile", and also "All mine".Though many songs space still in Japlish (Japanese/English), I"ve noticed that there are much more English lyrics to the songs 보다 the Japanese lyrics. Well, there are some.

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I yes, really love the Jinsei x Boku = ! Maybe since this album was a tiny bit an ext personal come the band. You can really obtain to understand them a little bit more through the tracks of this album. They"ve only got one post to the listeners and also that"s: whatever your dream is, follow it and make it yours.
I hope this review/insights the Jinsei x Boku = the mine motivated you to listen to ONE OK absent (well, that"s if girlfriend haven"t heard of lock though). They"re absolutely one of the ideal bands in this generation ever!