The brain is a good mystery. That plays tricks with our awareness making us think things that aren’t real. Or sometimes, they space real, and also it makes us think that they room not. The very thin line in between reality and hallucination is the foundation of Netflix’s Polish scientific research Fiction thriller, Open her Eyes (Otwórz oczy in Polish).

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Open your Eyes Television collection is based upon the novel “Druga szansa” composed by Katarzyna Berenika Miszczuk. Report in 6 episodes of 40 minute each, the collection is command by Anna Jadowska and Adrian Panek.

Before jumping ~ above the scrutiny, there is miscellaneous peculiar about this Polish series that requirements to be underlined. Cinephiles may be aware of the Cinematic Classic, The Matrix, command by the Wachowskis. In the scientific research fiction film, Neo (Keanu Reeves) finds self in a simulated reality. In short, Open your Eyes uncannily resembles “The Matrix” in that department.

‘Open your Eyes’ Plot Summary

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A 17-year-old girl without a name wakes increase from sleep and also finds herself in a remote room. A online male voice coming from a black color box help the girl mental minute details from her past, together she falls short to recall any type of such memory. In ~ the end of the brief, the voice provides the girl a name, “NN (No Name).”

The voice notifies NN that she has spent the last four days in an amnesia clinic, second Chance, and the college is her new abode for some time. NN pipeline her room and also finds attractive teens throughout the campus, consisting of a couple of muscled bodyguards and also children play around.

Instantly, NN befriends various other patients of her age, i.e., an enchanting dancer Szymon, a gifted artist Iza “Izabela,” an ace gamer and hacker, Pawel, and also a prodigious mathematician Milena. These teenagers suffer from memory loss or amnesia and are hence admitted to 2nd Chance clinic for their sound recovery.

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The head that the facility, doctor Zofia Morulska, attends NN and also informs her around her continuous condition. Also after NN’s insistence, Zofia doesn’t disclose much around NN and requests to find her answers, which according to her, is a part of she psychic treatment.

Slowly, NN gets resolved in the brand-new environment and discovers two peculiar characters, a paranoid and also violent Magda and an attractive rebellious young boy, Adam. Through Adam, NN learns 2 truths native the past, firstly that she is a prodigious pianist. Secondly, her genuine name is Julia. But even with these revelations, there space too many missing pieces the disturb Julia’s peace. Let’s dig deep.

“Everything is one illusion. You’ll have actually to think me.”

Who was Julia? where was she trapped?

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Open her Eyes was an infinite spiral that trapped that viewers in a loop and refused to break the pattern until Episode 6 arrived. By the finish of illustration 6, Julia was paranoid to the core and had lost her sanity. However as she wake up up from deep sleep (coma), every little thing was duly answered.

Julia’s genuine name was Karolina, the surname she often heard in her nightmares and subconscious. Karolina suffered brain injuries in a severe car accident and also was in a coma for four weeks. She was admitted to the university hospital in Katowice, wherein neurologist Andrzej Januszewski attended her.

While Karolina was in a coma, her younger sister, Patrycja, was by her side in the hospital. Patrycja to be the red-haired girl whom Karolina frequently saw in she simulated fact or dream. As soon as Karolina come out that the coma, Patrycja underlined the she make the efforts to talk her the end of it, yet it didn’t work. It was hence that Karolina continually heard Patrycja’s voice calling out for her. Patrycja play Karolina’s favourite classic, “Clair de Lune” by Debussy, and read “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” i m sorry were constant repetitions in Karolina’s simulated reality.

It can be theorized that Karolina was swindling between two realms in her deep conscious sleep and also thus regarded bits and pieces the both reality and also simulation.

What to be the second Chance facility?

After Karolina to be discharged indigenous the hospital, she tried difficult to beat the piano together she provided to before her accident. However, her initiatives didn’t struggle the right note. It appeared that someone had robbed she of her talent. And also it was specifically what happened. Karolina to be robbed.

Out that curiosity, Karolina saw opera singer Janina Hass, the woman she saw in a simulated reality. She to be a rebellious woman called Magda. Prefer Karolina, Magda woke up from a coma a couple of days before, after ~ a devastating skiing accident. Janina had actually arranged her comeback ~ above stage, yet when Karolina went to her rehearsal, Janina was struggling through her talent, as with Karolina.

When Karolina tried to explore, without any type of ado, Janina handed she a book, “Second Chance” through Zygmunt Tanatowski. In it, Karolina discovered out around the residence of Professor Tanatowski, which resembled the second Chance clinic, in i beg your pardon Karolina to be trapped. On she journey towards the facility, Karoline witnessed the same petrol pump in she parallel world. She was certain that the wasn’t simply a dream.

At Tanatowski’s residence, Karolina didn’t find any concrete evidence. Still, she met Tanatowski’s ex-wife, Edyta, who lived there through her daughter, Anielin. She also discovered that the part of the building was rented to a private nursery, 2nd Chance, the aimed to discover talent in the kid early and also nurture it.

What was 2nd Chance doing with the patients?

When Karolina experienced Tanatowski’s daughter, Anielin, she instantly well-known her from she dream (in which she was named, “Aniela”). However she was still not sure what to be happening until she experienced Adam (or genuine name Ksawery) in her music school.

Second chance was a simulation regimen where the wealthy and affluent bought talent for your kids. It to be the factor why medical professional Zofia repetitively stressed upon learning one’s skill in the simulation and instantly i ordered it concerts for Magda/Janina, Julia/Karolina, and also Szymon. V a neuro-transmitting device, Zofia transferred the talents of patients right into the youngsters of rich parents who bought it for money. Through the program, Julia’s talent was transferred to Piotr’s son, Adam/Ksawery, and Magda’s talent was shifted to Tanatowski’s daughter, Anielin. Countless others would have actually lost their abilities come rich kids in an elvish orchestrated simulation, and why? because the rich can afford to buy and also poor are always the persons who obtain oppressed? That’s the many realistic theme in the entire series, ns guess.

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Open your Eyes (Otwórz oczy in Polish) is a 2021 Polish science Fiction thriller produced by Anna Jadowska and Adrian Panek. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.