Keeping account is an important part of conference your health and wellness goals. You might want to focus on enhancing your physical fitness, or minimize stress in her life. Gift personally accountable means taking property of her actions and for the aftermath of your actions, too. 

Taking responsibility for the outcomes of your actions can help you to boost your as whole health. An individual accountability deserve to also help you to perform far better in other aspects of your life: both personal and professional. Over there are methods to make developing accountability enjoyable, and permit you to enjoy the services of conference your health goals.

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What is personal accountability?

Put simply, personal accountability means taking property over your actions, and the outcomes of your actions. This ability is frequently used and taught in the context of professional development — but personal accountability is additionally a useful skill for boosting your personal health and also wellness, too.


Is gift accountable various to gift responsible?

Responsibility is as soon as you do decisions about the actions you will certainly take. Accountability goes more — you space not just responsible for the actions girlfriend take, you also take property of the longer term outcomes that those actions. 

How does this relate to fitness? you might currently take duty for your actions (like learning it’s your obligation to gain a practice done). Gift accountable way recognising the skipping a workout can impact your route to structure sustainable healthy habits.

For example, speak you commit to working out three times a week. You setup ahead come make certain you accomplish this goal. But since of outside circumstances that room out of your control, you only do one workout the week. 

This is an outcome of your own (and sometimes, others) actions. Taking accountability way owning those outcomes, and also putting in location solutions so the you have the right to still accomplish your fitness goals.

The services of maintaining yourself accountable

Personal accountability helps to keep you motivated and also on track through your health aims. There are a few ways that it have the right to improve your health and also quality that life.

You’ll be more motivated to keep trying as soon as you have setbacks

When outside circumstances affect your capacity to obtain things done, girlfriend can demonstrate accountability through owning these setbacks. This deserve to empower you come realise that your actions are in your control, therefore you deserve to take steps to continue towards achieving your goals. 

Keep track of your goals

Being personally accountable way you’re much more likely to store track of whereby you’re at through your goals, and what you’re act to accomplish them. Remaining on track and also remaining concentrated on her objectives method you can adjust your action to keep working toward meeting her goals.

A 2015 study by Dominican college of California in the US uncovered that accountability had actually a positive influence on participants" volume to accomplish their goals, specifically through gift accountable come a friend.

Improve her relationships

Having an individual accountability may mean you improve your relationships with others. In a 2005 research by Utrecht college in The Netherlands, researchers discovered that developing personal accountability result in much more positive society behaviour in children. This may come in the type of building trust, as civilization know they can rely on you to take responsibility for the outcomes of her actions.


1. Remove blame

It’s common to have setbacks when you’re striving in the direction of a wellness goal, in practically every aspect of life. But it’s essential that once you run right into these roadblocks, you don’t blame rather or other external determinants for them. 

This doesn’t average feeling as though it"s all your fault or punishing you yourself — however feeling empowered to identify where things went wrong and also take measures to certain you have the right to get earlier on track. Friend recognise the you have regulate over her actions and also their outcomes.

2. Collection clear goals

Setting clear purposes for you yourself is a an excellent way come ensure you have actually clarity end the health and also wellness results you’d choose to achieve. Setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and also Timely) guarantee you are able to take certain actions that will bring you closer to achieving your goals. 

In a 2002 study by Cardiff university in the UK, researchers discovered that athletes who adhered to a clean “goal setting intervention” stuck to their rehabilitation program more than various other participants in the study. 

You deserve to use your objectives to make sure you stay on track, and also remind yourself of why you’re taking the action you room taking, together as setting your alarm for 6am therefore you can workout prior to your job begins.



7. Store a schedule 

Having a “system” for which friend measure and track her wellness behavior (i.e. When you perform exercise or when you do meal prep) can assist you to preserve your progress and keep track. As soon as something goes wrong, that then less complicated to look at her schedule (or your system) and determine where things might have slipped up.

There will constantly be fluctuations in schedules and also timing — that’s life! however if you’re may be to recognize where things could have quit you from meeting your goals, it’s easier to determine a systems so the you can try and avoid it from happening again. 

8. Store track of your progress

If you have set goals because that yourself, critical part of measuring her success is maintaining track of exactly how you are advancing with them. Understanding your progress have the right to also keep you encouraged to keep pursuing her objectives.

In a 2015 study study by Dominican college in California the US, participants that sent development reports ~ above a weekly basis to a friend achieved much more than those who just wrote under their goals and also commitments. 

This might mean using the application to take photos of your body progress, or it could mean keeping track that your stamin levels by recording how many certain exercises you have the right to do in a minute, prefer push-ups or burpees.

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11. Gain an accountability partner

You don’t need to do it every alone! one accountability girlfriend can help you to continue to be on track through your fitness goals. You might work out with a friend, or check in with each other on a weekly communication to talk around your wellness progress.

Telling someone else around your goals have the right to motivate you to save working in the direction of them. Plus, if you’re functioning out or setting goals with a companion you can make her goal setting more fun and a society activity. If you can’t meet up v a friend in-person, you can also do this via video chat, or you can share her goal on society media. 

According to a 2015 research by college College London in the UK, friend are more likely to make a health-changing action if your companion does too — so gain your love ones and people who are close come you involved to support you.