Please fix this difficult clue scroll location, I understand I'm no the just player v the trouble when Uri bugs out and says the we have actually nothing in common. Even when I'm attract the compelled items or repeat the emote that still occasionally say the we have actually nothing in common.

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This has actually happened several times and just happened again to me (RIP Costume skipping ticket)!

Edit: same thing taken place to me in ~ the lighthouse costume clue scroll.


It's mainly due to the fact that you're compelled to relocate away indigenous the tile wherein the emote has to be used on, therefore he treats friend as no in the right spot come speak to him.

They might widen the standing range for the emote role so friend don't need to be appropriate on peak of the gnome pilot to deal with it.

This is the problem - The square wherein the emote is recognised together being beside the pilot is quite small and if uri is trapped on miscellaneous you will walk to him, therefore leaving the square. Then once you speak to uri you will certainly fail the problem of the proviso 'be next to the pilot' and he will offer you the cold shoulder

This has actually happened come me a lot and also as annoying together it is every you have to do it obtain out of sight selection and re log and also he resets.

It taken place to me once, I simply took a trip in the glider and came back, and everything operated fine. Didn't need to kill the dual agent again.

It's fine because that me. Ns did the earlier.

Stand through the glider and also then use the panic emote. (This is if wearing every the required items). Then death the clone if required, execute the emote again and also take the scroll/casket native Uri.

It's the same for any type of emote clue. It likewise requires no activity from the player.

It's probably because a lack of knowledge from the player is why it happens.

Not really a lack of understanding given that it's affecting how he is summoned once you still have all item equipped as soon as killing the dual agent. In the scenario girlfriend don't need to perform the emote cuz he is summoned immediately in one of the tiles nearby.

However due to the fact that that brick isn't directly next come the player (and is actually diagonal native them) we are compelled to move out of the correct square top top an not correct one, which way he won't identify as you doing said clue scroll.

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Point is, all various other emote scrolls let you actually have actually the items quiet equipped when summoning Uri immediately after the battle, without the need to do the emote a 2nd time, and still role properly, but due to the fact that of where you specifically gotta stand for the White wolf hill one, you're compelled to need to do the emote a second time.