Our an extremely own McKinsey ceo Hendry and also Amanda Hendry D’Angelo kicked turn off the 2017 Mardi Gras season through the Krewe that Hera’s Ball. How will you absent off this Mardi Gras season? check out the perform of festivities and also parades coming up ~ above the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Loads of fun for the entire family! “Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulz”

Feb 11 – ocean Springs Elks Club

Feb 11 – Krewe of legacy Pass Christian

Feb 12 – Lizana Parade

Feb 18 – Biloxi children Parade

Feb 18 – lengthy Beach Parade


Feb 18 – Gautier Men’s Club

Feb 19 – Krewe that Nereids, Waveland

Feb 24 – ocean Springs Night Parade

Feb 25 – Krewe that Gemini, Gulfport

Feb 25 – Jackson ar Parade

Feb 25 – Krewe the Neptune Night Parade, Biloxi

Feb 26 – D’Iberville/St.Martin Parade

Feb 26 – St. Paul Carnival Association, pass Christian

Feb 27 – Gulf shore Carnival combination Ball

Feb 28 – Krewe that Gemini Night Parade, Gulfport

Feb 28 – Biloxi job Parade

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After searching through residences for a couple of weeks on Zillow, Trulia, Movado, etc. I was emotion so overwhelmed and then God sent an angel! Mary dubbed me out of the blue and also I didn’t recognize what to do yet accept she assistance. I am so glad ns did! She has made the hassle of home searching and also buying together a memorable and also enjoyable experience. Mary has actually been upfront v us about each house we’ve looked at, providing us the positives and negatives. Mary wasn’t just interested in selling us a house. S…
Steven and Sarah Stogner
“As a an initial time home buyer, i didn’t really know of what to expect. After ~ meeting v Amanda and also talking v her the first time, i felt comfortable enough to ask several questions and also she was very patient with me. Together we close up door on our home today, i cannot be any happier the Amanda’s team is the one that aided me along the way. She has gone over and past my expectations. Thank you to her team because that a an excellent job!”
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Without a doubt, this has been the ideal home to buy experience. I am therefore impress with everyone in ~ Amanda & Associates. David Becher to be exceptional! he contacted me ~ above a continuous basis and also understood my goals. Detect the perfect cottage on the Gulf coastline has relocated me one step closer come retiring in together a beautiful and also fun area. Brittany Brackett is one more person I desire to acknowledge. She consistently interacted with me top top the governmental paperwork. Because of her attention to detail, …
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“Amanda’s team really went above and beyond for me if trying to market my house. Ns live out of state and Amanda was an useful in several aspects, also going as far as checking on the plumbing during the ice cream storm the struck south Mississippi this previous winter. I’m really pleased v the business that was provided and I highly recommend them.”
Beverly Hill
I have worked with Amanda and her team on number of transactions, both as a buyer and a seller. Lock are really proactive, accessible, and responsive. The team knows the market really well, and lays the end a well assumed out and deliberate strategy to close a transaction in a stylish manner.
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“The finest decision ns made was choosing Amanda Hendry and her team as my Realtor for my very first time purchase a home. They walked me with every action and worked with my mortgage loan officer and with the seller to make sure whatever was in order and also done in timely manner. My an initial time to buy a house was a journey and not an easy one and Amanda went above and past to acquire me in the home of mine dreams. She proved me probably every residence on the sector in the locations I was searching for several mon…
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