L>Miro: Personage throw a stone at a Bird//Miro, JoanPersonage throw a stone at a Bird1926Oil ~ above canvas29 x 36 1/4 in. (73.7 x 92.1 cm.)
This is only a thumbnail image. Use the image Viewer to examine the much bigger full-sized image. The photo Viewer enables you come resize the photo to fit her screen, display as a thumbnail, zoom in up to 200%, or even readjust the elevator color.For info regarding feasible commercial licensing of this image from Scala Group, Art resource or Bridgeman arts Library, click here.From "Techniques that the good Masters of Art":"Personage throwing a stone at a Bird was painted in ~ a time when Miro was functioning at an extreme pitch and also in a range of original and persuasive styles."By 1926 Miro had moved certainly towards calculation and also even anecdote. Personage is much much more deliberate and posed. Indeed, ~ above one level the occupational seems to be all about balances and also oppositions. The figure throwing the stone, which writer wilhelm Rubin aptly characterized as an "amoeboid biomorph with a cyclopean eye and also giant foot", combine the organic border of its "body" v the strictly linearity of the long straight line the designates that is arms. There is a wry enjoyment of the very particular fulcrum in the person"s human body section, native which the eight lurch in the effort of throwing and which topples the human body backwards, drawing attention to the spread-eagled stability of the out-sized foot."The color and also linear materials of the snapshot operate in localized locations to imply oppositions of space and scale. The tail feather of the bird "invert" the sky and foreground hues, together if to denote the bird together an adept the both media; its chromatic head and also crest space strikingly complementary, and this is faintly echoed in the eye that the figure."Miro displayed here substantial technical skill in the management and disposition of the paint in both the larger color "fields" and also in the minute bands and ribbons of color. The totality of the environment-friendly sky area, because that example, is deliberately offered a scrubby appearance v small, strong brushstrokes aligned mainly along the diagonal axis explained by the "arms" that the person, but an ext densely functioned in places. This is an especially apparent about the border of the figure and of the stone, and also has the effect of projecting the figure slightly from the surface and also of giving it a sort of mock three-dimensionality."Clearly clearly shows behind this textured area space a series of faint lines, saying the original grid native which Miro had tendency to build his work. The thin black arm-line terminates precisely versus one of these grid markers.

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Notable likewise is the miniature signature and date, close to the "wing" the the bird, which stand out versus the yellow floor rather choose the color that highlights the mini-cliffs and also peaks the the shoreline."In this work, Miro has allied the skills of the detailist come the bigger sweep the Surrealist biomorphism through its constant curves and contours, and also he set the two within abstract-looking shade fields and also geometries. Personage is one of the many remarkable syntheses in inter-war painting."