Outside of earning castle after battles, the only other method to obtain a Sub-Person is via fusion. You acquire the capability to execute a Normal fusion upon reaching the 3rd floor of friend in Wonderland, which allows you come fuse two Personas together to acquire a new one. Upon clearing girlfriend in Wonderland, you will certainly gain accessibility to Triangle Fusion, which will let girlfriend fuse 3 Personas together. The outcomes of fusing Personas together is no random and actually is set in stone, according to a bunch of formulae and also mechanics that should be familiar to everyone who’s played a Shin Megami Tensei game.

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Whenever you’re doing a Fusion, the end result will always take into account the base level of the ingredient used. The very first thing you must look at when fusing Personas is the Arcana in which lock belong, such as Slime belonging to the stupid Arcana. That’s since when you integrate it with a Persona of another Arcana, that will recognize the result Arcana. For example, fusing a stupid Persona and a Magician one will always net girlfriend a Persona that the Empress Arcana. Exactly how do you identify which Persona you will get, though? That counts on which kind of blend you’re doing, as Normal and also Triangle combination have different rules they use.


Normal Spread¶

Remember that both the base level of the Persona and their Arcana are used in determining which one you will certainly get. Take their base level (the level in which they begin out) and include them together, then division by two and include one much more to it. With the resulting number and Arcana, look in ~ the list of Personas and also you will desire to walk to the nearest level one that is greater than what you got.

As an example, take it Legion (Fool Arcana) and also Agathion (Magician Arcana) and fuse lock together. Looking at the chart above, you check out that Fool and Magician will net girlfriend a Persona the the Empress Arcana. Legion has actually a base level of 21 and Agathion a basic level of 3, for this reason you include them up to gain 24, division by 2 to get 12 and add one much more to get a an outcome of 13. Yaksini is level 11 and also Titania is level 19, but due to the fact that you receive the greater Persona, then the an outcome of the above fusion is Titania.

Triangle Spread¶

Triangle spread is similar to normal Spread, however there are brand-new rules put into place that make it an ext complicated. The an initial thing you require to figure out is i m sorry Personas to fuse at the beginning. This is excellent by looking at the Personas’ current levels, through the highest possible of the 3 being the 3rd Persona provided in the fusion. As soon as you number that out, fuse the other two using the rules defined in the Normal spread out above.

When you’ve got the an outcome from fusing the 3rd one, look in ~ the pinkish colored rectangles in the tablef above to uncover the Arcana result for her Triangle Spread. For the math section of the fusion, include all three of the basic levels together and also divide by three, than include five to the to get your final number. As with Normal Spread, you want the first Persona that is a greater level (or the same level if it functions out the way, as in the instance below).


You’ll gain accessibility to more kinds of fusion as you progress in the key story, including Triangle spread out (left) and Sacrifical blend (right).

Let’s look at an instance to help explain the Triangle spread out a little better. Let’s fuse Slime (Fool; base 1 and also current level 3), Agathion (Magician; basic 3 and also current 4) and Ame no Uzume (Priestess; basic 6 and also current 6). Due to the fact that Ame no Uzume has the highest existing level, the is the 3rd Persona and you fuse Slime and also Agathion v Normal blend rules to gain an Empress Arcana. Utilizing that knowledge, Empress + Priestess in the Triangle combination chart will certainly net you a justice Persona. Include their basic levels (1 + 3 + 6 = 10), divide by three (round it under to 3) and add five to get 8. Acquisition a look at the justice Personas, you would gain Angel, who is level 8.

Other Fusions¶

There room a few more type of fusions that have the right to be done in Persona Q, all of which are special and also need to be distinguished from the above two. This are same Arcana Fusions and also Special Fusions and also are explained below.

Same Arcana Fusions

Attempting come fuse two or three Personas that the same Arcana will certainly not obtain you the same outcomes as above, as they have actually their own sets the rules. Doing two Personas of the exact same Arcana will certainly net you a Persona the is weaker than the ingredients provided (ex. Jack Frost and Orobas will obtain you Agathion). For three Personas of the exact same Arcana, friend will acquire a Persona that is greater than the ingredients used (ex. Agathion, Orobas and Jack Frost will net girlfriend Hua Po).

Sacrificial Fusions

Later in the game, you will unlock the Sacrificial blend option in the Velvet Room. This option allows you to eliminate two Personas in her inventory to give EXP to a third one. It’s a wonderful choice to use this anytime you have a Persona you desire to store that’s lagging behind in levels. Sometimes, sacrifice a Persona will have actually that one leaving behind an item for you, which have the right to be valuable in gaining some powerful weapons.

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Special Fusions

These fusions do not loss in the category above, together they will require you come use particular Personas. Because that example, to gain Alice, girlfriend will need to fuse Belial and Nebiros, i beg your pardon is the only mix that will acquire you her. These one-of-a-kind Fusions are looked over once doing other fusions. Look listed below for a table for every Special blend in the game.

Fusion ResultIngredients
AliceNebiros x Belial
ArdhaShiva x Parvati
BeelzebubAstaroth x Baal Zebul
Black FrostJack Frost x Pyro Jack x King Frost
MichaelUriel x Gabriel x Raphael
NornAtropos x Clotho x Lachesis
Pale RiderRed driver x White rider x black color Rider
ShivaRangda x Barong
ZeusWarrior Zeus x Seth