With the following Pokemon video game still months away, fans may uncover themselves replaying v old gamings in the meantime.

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Nostalgia is in the air together the Pokemon firm has ultimately announced the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remakes. Fire Red & Leaf eco-friendly are some of the favorite remakes across the fanbase. Charizard is everybody"s favorite flying fire lizard, below is the ideal team consisting of Charizard.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects just the opinion of the writer.

The best team because that Pokemon Fire Red and also Leaf green with Charizard


As the title suggests, the very first Pokemon top top the team will be the Fire starter, Charmander. Charmander evolves come Charizard reasonably early in ~ level 36, which method the player will have actually it in perfect time for HM Fly.

Charizard"s keying of Fire/Flying is amazing and offers great type coverage against a bunch the Pokemon. Just be mindful of absent Pokemon.


Nidoking deserve to be derived as a Nidoran as early as path 3. Nidoran deserve to be developed to Nidoking as early on as Mt. Moon if the player grinds a bit and happens to discover the Moon Stone.

Nidoking provides a great type of Poison/Ground and also can destroy any type of Electric and also Rock Pokemon that provides Charizard trouble. Nidoking have the right to easily carry the player through the at an early stage game.


Unfortunately, Gengar can only be acquired via trade as the player have to trade to evolve Haunter. If that can"t happen, the player have the right to replace this slot v something like Alakazam or even Rhydon obtainable as a Gastly in Pokemon Tower.

Gengar can dish out large damage through Shadow Ball, and also comes in clutch against Sabrina and even Elite 4 Agatha. Gengar is qualified of beating the rival"s Alakazam and Exeggutor.


The electrical Eeveelution, Jolteon, was one of the strongest Pokemon in Red & Blue. Due to the fact that then it has actually been nerfed indirectly due to speed mechanics not correlating with critical hit ratio. Jolteon is tho a an ext than qualified Electric form Pokemon.

Eevee is obtainable as a gift in Celadon City, and also evolved via Thunder Stone. Jolteon can deal with the Water Pokemon that threaten Charizard.


Unfortunately, Staryu is just obtainable in Fire Red. A good replacement if play in Leaf green is Cloyster or Lapras. The finest Water Pokemon in Fire Red is Starmie. The dual typing the Water/Psychic is just so powerful.

Obtainable as early on as path 25, Staryu is no incredibly an effective until the evolves with the usage of the Water Stone. Starmie has solid STAB moves choose Psychic and Surf, but likewise has Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Recover, and also even Blizzard.

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The critical member of the team is Dragonite. Dratini can be acquired in the Safari zone via fishing. Dragonite is the Pseudo-Legendary that this Generation, therefore it just makes sense to use it ~ above a an effective team.