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around duplicates marital relationship expert Registrations record contact

Sacramento County can only problem birth certificates for youngsters born in Sacramento County since 1850. Certificates because that births before 1850 are not available. ​Newborn certificates are available approximately 4 weeks after ~ the bear date.  speak to our office at 874-6334 to verify that the record is available prior to your visit.

State legislation requires this office to issue 2 different types of certified copies to requesters: authorized and informational. Both species are certified duplicates of the original paper on record with ours office.

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An authorized copy develops the identification of the registrant (child named on the certificate).  Persons requesting an authorized copy should sign a statement, under penalty of perjury, that they space an "authorized person" as defined by section ​103​526(c) that the Health and Safety Code: 

The registrant or a parent or legitimate guardian of the registrant.A member the a law enforcement agency or a representative of an additional governmental agency, as detailed by law, who is conducting main business.A child, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, spouse, or domestic partner that the registrant.An attorney representing the registrant or the registrant"s estate, or any type of person or company empowered by statute or appointed by a court come act on behalf of the registrant or the registrant"s estate. 

An informational copy cannot be offered for identification purposes. The certificate bears an inscription throughout the face of the document, stating, “INFORMATIONAL, no A VALID paper TO establish IDENTITY.” Informational copies are available to every requesters.


Order Copies

You will certainly be asked to complete an application. To obtain authorized copies, you must current a precious government-issued picture ID.​​Allow 20 minute from receipt of completed application and payment to obtain your certificate(s).​

By ​Mail

If you space ordering one or much more authorized copies, complete page 2 that the application, and also have her Sworn declare notarized by a Notary Public.​Mail your application, consisting of the notarized sworn statement (if applicable), and also payment to:Sacramento ar Clerk/Recorder5229 Hazel Avenue, Suite BFair Oaks, CA  95628​ enable 5-7 business days from receipt that application and payment to obtain your certificate(s).​

​By F​ax

If you space ordering one or much more authorized copies, finish page 2 that the application, and have your Sworn declare notarized through a Notary Public.​Allow 5-7 business days native receipt of application and also payment for fulfillment that "regular mail" orders and also 2 service days because that fulfillment the "expedited" orders. Note: over there is an additional charge that $19.00 because that expedited delivery service​.​


Go to to location your order. An additional processing fee uses to all virtual orders. The following information is compelled to request certified duplicates online:​ Person"s full name as it shows up on the birth certificateCity and also state wherein the person was bornDate that birthMother"s maiden nameFather"s nameReason for requesting the birth certificateRequestor"s full name, address, and phone numberRequestor"s driver"s licenseRequestor"s relationship to the certificate holder​ allow 5-7 business​ days from online order submittal and payment because that fulfillment the "regular mail" orders and 2 service days because that fulfillment of "expedited" orders. Note: over there is second charge that $19.00 for expedited delivery service.​​​​