NOVA is excited to market a 24/7 virtual telehealth program at no-cost because that students! talk to a licensed provider v TimelyCare via net or application for a variety of mental wellness concerns.

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With programs in every little thing from IT and also Cybersecurity come Healthcare and also Business Management, NOVA ensures there is something for you.

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NOVA’s Kwabena Konadu receive SCHEV’s 2022 outstanding Faculty Award

NOVA is excited to announce that our very own Cybersecurity Professor Kwabena Konadu is amongst one that 12 recipients of Virginia’s ‘2022 impressive Faculty Awards.’ The State board of directors of higher Education because that Virginia (SCHEV) and Dominion power jointly announced the award recipients yesterday recognizing outstanding faculty at Virginia’s organizations of higher learning that exemplify the highest standards the teaching, scholarship and service. Every recipient will get a $7,500 compensation from dominion Energy at an in-person consciousness on march 1, 2022.

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Explore NOVA’s 7 convenient Locations

With areas throughout north Virginia, and also online options, NOVA supplies convenient learning to fit your lifestyle.

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At NOVA we desire to provide you with a quality, flexible and also safe education either indigenous your home or in our very sanitized classrooms. Take the next step in her educational trip at NOVA today!

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