That"s how world fall in love (in love),First kiss, an initial hug...Can we make it prefer it was? us were, in loveCan us make it choose it was? view the love ns have, the I have for you...I can"t define it for you girl,Because I"ve been approximately the world and also I met a the majority of other girls.But they"re nothing prefer you...No no no...See I come at it, and I come at it, now I"m for this reason addicted prefer a gambling habit"cause you was the one here, when I ain"t have itNow you speak you leave me however I ain"t having actually itWe put too much in just to traction outThis thing"s just too good for me to pull outGirl you understand pleasure can"t was standing to see you cryingSo I"m gonna love friend or die tryingI reminiscence ~ above the means that that was(first kiss, an initial hug)24-7 you was on my mind(baby girl you to be my first love)We closer than the pages in my composition book(but ns let you walk in front so them various other players could look)And once they tried to holla, you point at me and also say the you took(and you"ve remained in my heart before I understand that you can cook)Girl you shine choose brand brand-new dime,The love I have actually for friend is more than every my chicks combinedSee satisfied is pain, and also pain is loveFirst kiss, an initial touch, an initial hugGod had send you increase from above,2 jitterbugs top top the ago of the bus kissing like we get an impression up"s...But we damaged up, every the pain we went v is ~ above us..A pair months go by, then us woke upBreak approximately make up, girl you understand us...And you climate try, however they"ll never be able to do the points that you doThey ain"t acquired your style, your body and also smile,They ain"t really off the chain choose youBecause I showed you how to ride it, and you proved me exactly how you choose itWhen that is time because that that good loving, you review my mind choose a psychicSo at any time I"m gone, you problem "bout your king to go back to the throne,That"s why our love is strong,And girlfriend ain"t ever gotta worry "bout me law wrong,Just long as friend come ago home"cause this whereby you expect to be,Right below close come me,On the side of me, baby girl you deserve to ride through me,"cause with you, that"s whereby I"m tryna be you knowI love you girl!!You understand I love you, frozen cup your wrist, therefore I have the right to spoil you, host you..Never neglect you, adore you, as soon as times acquire hard, I"ll perform anything because that you...Remember back in the days, parkway, catch very early matinee in ~ the emine"Rubbing oil the olay top top yo body, hot tamalae, but "cause you"re mine shorty life overcome by as soon as you"re busyMaking plans I"m a enlarge man, a veteran, a business man, a gentleman, I recognize you"re so sick and tired of mine ignorance,I can"t breathe, i can"t get no sleep, there is no you mine life is incomplete,Picnic"s at a party, and also corn on the cob, actual talk, indigenous the start, you got the secrets tooMy heart, that"s a promise to god.
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Writer(s): Marcus "pleasure" Cooper, Stephen Ellis Garrett, Joseph Smith, Corey Mathis, Diamond Smith, Spectacular Smith