Not sure if this is the right location to ask, so sorry just in case. Anyways, I've gotten into anime end the critical year or so and also people have recommended ns watch Psycho-Pass, but I to be wondering your opinions on which variation to watch. I understand I desire to clock the original, not the extended, however should i watch the subbed or called version? execute I shed anything by watching the referred to as version? Any help would be great


I didn't watch the sub so i can't compare but I personally thought the dub to be great. I'm not also picky as soon as it concerns dubs because in the end I would fairly be lazy and have to pay less attention but it didn't seem negative maybe no amazing but if girlfriend are prefer me and also want to be lazy the dub was an excellent lol

I've just watched the sub myself, yet I did watch part clips native the dub. Native what ns heard it to be a pretty an excellent dub, just nothing amazing. Ns think the biggest reason to watch the below over the dub is for Kana Hanazawa as the key character. I understand she's in pretty much every little thing now and also a lot of people are getting worn down of her voice, but I open minded think it's among her ideal performances, partly because it's one of the much more serious functions she's remained in recently.

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I speak the same thing for every solitary thread prefer this

Watch an episode or two with the dubs and also subs

Which one perform you prefer better?

Watch the one

We deserve to argue amongst ourselves i beg your pardon one is better, however in the end it only matters i beg your pardon one you like. You might think the subs room really great but once you clock the dubs, you could like it even better, and also vice versa.

If you setup to clock the second season as it is airing I would certainly recommend the town hall the first subbed so the the voices don't change.

That's a really an excellent point. I totally forgot around the 2nd season and also I wouldn't have actually to change at all if ns watch subbed. Thanks!

I'm defiantly one of those you should always watch sub once you can kind of people. Ns feel the the Japanese voice actors space the ideal at what they do.

I would certainly recommend subs. As much as ns usually enjoy Funimation's dubs, i feel favor they really dropped the round with this one.

There was just one character that I thought they really nailed, which was Makishima Shougo. Kougami to be ok, and the rest were devastating (ESPECIALLY Ginoza, it sounded prefer they got a bored intern come voice him...).

I wouldn't contact reading subs a con. The takes all of a 2nd to read a lone the subtitles. Plus, it's not prefer you look in ~ the bottom of the screen, and also that's all girlfriend see. You still check out the entire display pretty clearly.

it's in your native language

Sure... Ns speak English fluently, yet it's much from my indigenous language.

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Sub. Akane's English voice actress was awful. I rewatched the show with my girlfriend who doesn't usually watch anime, so we watched the dubbed. Anyone else was acceptable, but Akane's voice and lack of genuine expressiveness simply grated on me.