Applied psychology
The branch of psychology pertained to with everyday, practical problems.

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BehaviorAny overt (observable) an answer or task by an organism.
BehaviorismA theoretical orientation based upon the premise that scientic psychology have to study only observable behavior.
Clinical psychologyThe branch of psychology pertained to with the diagnosis and treatment of emotional problems and disorders.
CognitionThe mental processes involved in obtaining knowledge.
Critical thinkingThe use of cognitive an abilities and tactics that rise the probability the a desired outcome.
CultureThe widely mutual customs, beliefs, values, norms, institutions, and also other commodities of a community that room transmitted socially across generations.
EmpiricismThe premise that expertise should be obtained through observation.
EthnocentrismThe tendency to watch one's own team as premium to others and also as the traditional for judging the precious of international ways.
Evolutionary psychologyTheoretical perspective the examines behavioral processes in regards to their adaptive value for a species over the course of plenty of generations.
FunctionalismA institution of psychology based upon the id that psychology need to investigate the duty or function of consciousness, rather than the structure.
HumanismA theoretical orientation the emphasizes the unique attributes of humans, specifically their freedom and also their potential for an individual growth.
IntrospectionCareful, systematic observation of one's own aware experience.
Natural selectionPrinciple stating the heritable attributes that provide a survive reproductive advantage are much more likely than alternative characteristics to it is in passed ~ above to succeeding generations and also thus concerned be selected end time.
Positive psychologyApproach come psychology that supplies theory and research to better understand the positive, adaptive, creative, and fulfilling aspects of human being existence.
PsychiatryA branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mental problems and disorders.
Psychoanalytic theoryA theory developed by Freud the attempts to define personality, motivation, and mental obstacle by focusing on unconscious factors of behavior.
PsychologyThe science that researches behavior and also the physiological and cognitive procedures that underlie it, and also the job that uses the collected knowledge that this science to handy problems.
SQ3RA study system designed to promote effective reading by means of ve steps: survey, question, read, recite, and review.
StructuralismA school of psychology based on the id that the job of psychology is to analyze consciousness into its straightforward elements and to investigate how these elements are related.
TestwisenessThe ability to use the characteristics and also format of a cognitive test to maximize one's score.
TheoryA mechanism of interrelated principles that is used to explain a collection of observations.

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Unconsciousccording come Freud, thoughts, memories, and desires that room well listed below the surface of conscious awareness however that however exert great influence top top behavior.
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