Last night was component 2 the the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, and also despite there being a computer screen between all these ladies the fighting was no less intense!

NeNe Leakes is an the end of manage monster. This is naught new, but Kenya Moore is no better. Kenya is the biggest hypocrite on this show and after briefly enjoying her this season ns right ago to totally detesting her as Krayonce, one awful typical woman looking come tear anyone down.

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There’s a factor Cynthia Bailey is so fear to cross Kenya. Unequal NeNe that is nasty and also pops her mouth off, but is completely unbelievable, Kenya’s attacks are planned, organized, and also meant come inflict damage. 

Andy Cohen has to fully keep his trigger finger on the mute switch for this reunion. Mainly for NeNe and Kandi Burruss. They start off arguing, and also end component 2 bickering. Kandi has had it v NeNe refusing to take accountability. Particularly after NeNe placed a YouTube video up ~ above her an individual channel complaining that Bravo provides the exact same Real Housewife that Atlanta a spinoff, over and also over, when no one else gets the opportunity. Now, that on earth can she be introduce to?! NeNe do the efforts to pass it off that she was talking about Kim Zolciak-Biermann, yet Kandi is not gonna let the BS fly.


Honestly, the is high time that NeNe leaving this show! ns think it’s in reality time that Real Housewives that Atlanta completely cleans house. Cynthia is plainly moving to LA, and Kenya has likewise run her course. I’m boring by Marlo Hampton and also Eva Marcille. This present just requirements a revamp. Desperately!


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According to Kenya, she was fully within grounds to trash Marlo’s wig launch since 3 years back Marlo do a comment mocking Moore Haircare, and several years earlier Porsha Williams and also Shamea Morton drank water from the bottles at she haircare launch. Yes – fully nonsensical. Kenya want to carry out something mean, since she doesn’t favor Marlo, plain and simple.


Instead of just apologizing and also admitting she to be being nasty, Kenya tries to double-down and dismiss Marlo’s organization as fake. Even Andy points the end that Kenya is well harming various other women’s business, yet takes it together the ultimate insult when someone comes for hers. And the exact same goes because that relationships.

Again, Kenya has actually zero remorse because that calling Tanya Sam a c-u-next-Tuesday and also trying to imply that her fiancé Paul Judge was having an affair v that rode and also put away after a bath with Moore Hair Care, Cookie Lady. According to Kenya, Tanya completely deserved this because that exposing her wig-wearing. Girl, please. THIS, this best here, is why Kenya does not have true friendships or a good relationship.

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Thankfully Tanya is no taking her crap and straight-up speak Kenya to it is in quiet and also stop her shenanigans. Also, ns don’t think anyone believed Paul would certainly be that stupid as to shit whereby Kenya eats! Tanya’s problem is that Kenya had actually known around the cookie lady accusation because that months, however instead that being any type of kind that friend and warning her that this rumor to be being spread she rotate it into double-stuffed nonsense-o’s by do the efforts to indicate something in Canada. Then when Tanya no behave together Kenya want her to by flying off the handle, Kenya concocted this stunt. Ns still wonder why foolish Cookie Lady would want to unpleasant herself and also her business on national TV this way. Is she the hard-up for some publicity?

Cynthia also knew for months however chose no to say anything till Kenya started implying the someone’s male was cheating during the Canada trip. Also though Tanya and Cynthia room friends!

Porsha is tired of Cynthia likewise getting a happen for her messiness in sucking as much as Kenya therefore “Porsha native Atalanta” request a question around why Cynthia was connected in the cookie lady stunt however isn’t getting referred to as out. Cynthia offered some non-answer the she feel Cookie Lady should make one appearance at Brooklyn’s party to challenge Tanya. Cynthia reminds everyone that she was likewise the person who lastly warned Tanya ~ Kenya’s “What would you carry out if you knew who in the group’s man was cheating…” seance. Alas, as Tanya points out, the was actually KENYA’s guy who was cheating and also it to be worse than cookies – Marc Daly had a full-on dessert dare in NYC! in ~ this Kenya insists the cookie story is stale.


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See this is specifically the problem. This ideal there is wherein Andy should have actually pushed Kenya. She may be able to getaway with saying the if Marc is date other civilization now it no matter due to the fact that they’re separated, but at the time Kenya to be rolling out that tub of cookie dough she was an extremely much married! Furthermore, if Marc is sincere around working on their marriage why is he dipping in various other treats? ns guess Kenya no lying critical week once she claimed Marc had actually done a complete 360 in his behavior. Yep – he’s right ago where he began from: not being faithful and not taking this marriage or “Ken” seriously.

Tanya is additionally frustrated the Eva sat there and also ate the cookies, yet honestly, Eva is type of a non-factor. She’s afraid the Kenya too and will perform anything to remain on her good side. That’s why she is jumping in top top every sentence NeNe utters. There is no defense the NeNe, however Eva’s habits is as transparent as can be!


Snarking ~ above Eva aside, Andy asks her about the status of Michael Sterling adopting Marley. Eva reveals the her “donor,” Kevin McCall, sued her to challenge the surname change, demanding kid support and also custody, but was in reality arrested in court. Yikes. Eva breaks down into tears describing how horrifically violent Kevin was in their relationship and how she lastly escaped and also pressed charges. Eva was so distraught she had actually to take a break and also left the set. Kenya go to contact her, because this is a pure Kenya cheat – pretending to it is in a good person in disguise, so Andy turns his attentions to Porsha and Dennis McKinley.


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They are quarantining together and still a couple, however the wedding day is still no set. Shockingly Porsha admits she rushed your relationship and if she had to execute it end again she would’ve waited a if to obtain pregnant and engaged. Andy asks Porsha around recent allegations the Dennis was cheating after ~ he to be spotted in ~ a restaurant with 2 ladies at 4am. Porsha knew that was out for a friend’s birthday party, yet still gained angry at him for no thinking much more about how his actions would look – especially when he’s already been unfaithful! all in all Porsha seems to have actually a more rational technique to Dennis, and seems to accept that this is just who he is, but she deserves much better and requirements to intake this man to the curb. Well, possibly wait until quarantine lifts and also bulk garbage pickup returns!

Andy is also curious around the condition of Porsha and Kenya’s friendship. At first they were sustaining each various other through new motherhood and also relationship woes, but now Porsha is dropping shade in her confessionals and also Kenya is back to gift nasty. Porsha shrugs that this time she’s being shady come Ken’s face, so there’s no parasol needed shade she back. Porsha started to inquiry Kenya’s intentions when she do snarky comments around the beastiality accusations against Dennis. Return Porsha never felt the have to publicly dismiss them since they were so ridiculous – and furthermore sticking your dick-dog in a warm dog bun and also asking someone to lick the does not pet sex do – but she was still offended the Kenya walk there.

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What really tipped Porsha over right into realizing the Kenya’s so-called transformation was all fake to be Kenya trying to conspire through her come throw Cynthia under the bus in stimulate to remind Cynthia of her place. Porsha walk in reality forward those so-called incriminating texts to Andy, and while they didn’t out and out implicate Kenya as plotting to damage Cynthia, Kenya’s treatment of Cynthia all season spoke because that itself!


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Kenya to be bothered by Cynthia’s new friendship v Eva, and decided Cynthia is only allowed to have actually one opinionated friend: her! She spent the entire season shading Cynthia’s businesses and also relationship, and also then even tried to destroy Mike Hill‘s surprise proposal. Cynthia have to be angry around all this, however instead, she thoughtlessly defends Kenya favor she always does. Kenya have the right to do no dorn in Cynthia’s wig, since she doesn’t want Kenya to truly rotate on her! return Cynthia to be at time frustrated v Kenya’s habits she feels they operated it out and also that Kenya has actually proven herself a true friend. Cynthia demands to gain a thesaurus to look up the meaning on the word “friendship.”


The many shocking component of the reunion was as soon as Kenya dubbed Gregg Leakes out for gift inappropriate through NeNe’s staff, and also accused that of cheating. Rather of raging and screaming at Kenya, NeNe just sat there, stank-faced and blank-eyed, shrugging the it to be true. NeNe had already publicly called him the end on a podcast, so she can’t back away from that now! It was a strange moment in which nobody – not even Andy – claimed anything in Gregg or NeNe’s defense, or also asked a question around what’s going on. Prefer everyone had a made a pact no to cite it? It’s specifically odd together NeNe constantly puts herself up as the professional on marriage in this group!


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That didn’t get NeNe angry enough to leave the set but in the middle of Andy breaking under what occurred with Cynthia and Kenya’s friendship, vs. What happened with Cynthia and NeNe’s friendship, NeNe muttered that all these girls need her. Climate she shut the computer lid and walked away, leaving it trained ~ above some note she had actually written.

Goodbye NeNe!!!!! nothing let the computer screen struggle ‘ya wherein the great lord separation ‘ya!