The centerfire Remington 700 SPS Tactical bolt-action rifles room rugged, dependable and infused v all the attributes Remington has actually learned over two centuries the operation. The SPS (Special function Synthetic) guns function carbon stole barrels and, except where listed below, they have actually a matte blue finish. The SPS Tactical debuted in 2010.

The SPS Tacticals have a machined solid-steel, cylindrical version 700 receiver. Remington mates this through several choices in barrel length, caliber and stock. Over there are number of calibers v 16.5” matte blue carbon stole barrels, Ghillie environment-friendly (which is a gray/graphite/greenish color) stocks and also 36.25” overall length. They are 223 Remington (5+1 capacity), 300 AAC Blackout (5+1) and 300 Winchester (4+1).

These 700s have actually classically styled Hogue Overmolded stocks, and, per Remington, the rifles sweet 7.5 pounds across the collection regardless that barrel length. In all cases, size of traction is 13 1/8”. Drop at comb is 1.25” and also drop at heel is 1.5”.

308 Winchester options are a 20” matte blue carbon steel barrel and 39.75” as whole length. Color selections are one of two people the Ghillie green or matte black stocks. The 223 Remington is available only top top the black color stock, yet has the very same 20” matte blue carbon stole barrel and also 39.75” in its entirety length. In addition, you have a pair that 22” barrel alternatives that room both 6.5 Creedmore (4+1) and 41 ¾” in overall length. One has actually the matte blue barrel finish of every the others while an additional is Coyote Tan Cerakote top top a matte black color stock.

Remington additionally offers 4 Model 700 SPS Threaded Barrel rifles with 20” matte blue carbon steel barrels and synthetic stocks. The threaded barrels space the 5+1 volume 223 Remington and also a trio that 4+1s: 308 Winchester, 243 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield. That this threaded quartet, the an initial three room 39.5” in as whole length and also weigh 7.0 pounds while the 30-06 Springfield is 40.5” and weighs 7.25 pounds. These come through a muzzle protector for as soon as you’re not utilizing a muzzle brake.

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The entire 700 collection shares some terrific characteristics and thoughtful style touches. Because that instance, their barrels room cold hammer forged for boosted strength. They likewise have precision 5R rifling that results in much less deformation and easier cleaning, and also their conical tactical bolt knobs have actually textured surrounds.

For safety and also durability, 700s have Remington’s three Rings of steel design. This way the bolt challenge has a recess the encloses the cartridge head, the barrel surrounds the bolt shroud and also the barrel threads into the hardened steel receiver.

At the bottom of every 700 is a crisp Remington X-Mark agree user-adjustable create that’s factory set to 3.5 pounds of pull pressure, yet users can change it native 3 to 5 pounds. It is nickel-plated, corrosion resistant and housed within a glove-friendly oversized cause guard. In earlier is a Supercell Recoil Pad the soaks up felt recoil by 54% compared to other comparable pads.

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Staggeringly, Remington operated over 200 years prior to shuttering for bankruptcy in 2020. A mainstay to be the very popular lineup that Remington 700 bolt-action rifles the were in constant production since 1962. Remington made over 5,000,000. The 700 was the basis because that Remington 721 and also 722 sniper guns and made in Ilion, new York. Thus, Remington 700s to be Made in USA.