One the the cheat shot goals is to save yourself indigenous fall damages by landing in a hideout in Fortnite. Below is how to finish the challenge.

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How To save Yourself from Fall damage In Fortnite by Landing In A Hideout Guide

In Season 10, Epic gamings released a Hide and Seek challenge which forced players come hide in choose places ~ above the Fortnite Island. Today, epic released a similar challenge, however, it’s a tiny more complicated than finding haystacks in Fortnite and also hiding in them. The difficulties released this particular day are component of the trick shot challenges. Players, in the trick shot missions, must go around the map and east foraged apples, spray repaint a bridge, run in prior of gigantic objects favor a Pipeman, uncover the missing T, and today, saving yourself from autumn damage.

Although Epic has actually been obtaining heat indigenous the ar for their lack of unique challenges, this day they’ve released a bunch of an excellent challenges the players have the right to have fun with.

Where is the hideout in Fortnite?

There a couple of places ~ above the Fortnite map the you can uncover haystacks, or, hideouts. This challenge is tricky since you require to understand the brand-new Fortnite chapter 2 map and know your surroundings. If you have actually just started playing the game and don’t understand the map, climate it would certainly be a good idea to examine out the video clip in complete below.

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Source: Epic

In stimulate to finish this challenge, you will should go come Frenzy farm yard which is F-4 on the FN map. Together you glide in the direction of Frenzy Farm, you’ll view two large Fortnite silos and you’re an alleged to soil on the one nearest to the haystack. While on the top, you need to jump below to the haystack (Hideout) to finish this challenge. It might be hard to do if there are various other players in the area make the efforts to complete the exact same challenge. Therefore it could be challenging at first to do. Once you jump into the haystack climate you’ve completed the challenge.

Video that Fortnite Gas Pump Damage

Here is a video showing you just how to conserve Yourself native Fall damages By Landing In A Hideout in Fortnite: