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Winter ~ above the Masurian Lakes of east Prussia. German forces launched the 2nd Battle that the Masurian Lakes in a blinding snowstorm.


Oestl. Kriegsschauplatz: Zur Masurenschlacht: one einem masurischen SeeEastern theater of war: in ~ the Masurian battle: top top a Masurian LakeSerie 1/4Photogr. R. SenneckeReverse:Ausgabe des Kriegsfürsorgeamtes Wien IX.Kriegshilfe München N.-W. 19.Zum Gloria-Viktoria AlbumSammel. U. Nachschlagewerk des VölkerkriegesWar Office assistance Edition, Vienna IXFor Gloria Viktoria AlbumCollection. And also reference work of worldwide warWar fund Munich 11, N. W. 11

After loss in the an initial Battle that the Masurian Lakes, the Russians had actually again advanced into eastern Prussia with the Tenth Army. The Second, or Winter, fight of the Masurian Lakes was an effort by Hindenburg and also Ludendorff to sever the present of communications between Vilna and also Warsaw, and also envelop the Russian Tenth military using the German Eighth Army and the new Tenth Army.The offensive began with a diversionary attack at Bolimov, west of Warsaw, ~ above January 31 in i beg your pardon the German Ninth military under Mackensen first used toxicity gas. Due to the cold the gas — 18,000 shells that xylyl bromide — had minimal effect. The Russians did no report the usage of gas to their Allies who would challenge it in Ypres in April. The Russian second Army lost 40,000 men, many in a counterattack.The second Battle the the Masurian Lakes itself began on February 7. Attack from the west in a blinding snowstorm, the German Eighth army surprised the Russian Twelfth military under Plehve and advanced. Russian artillery, an ext interested in saving their weapons than infantrymen, fled, together they had done before and would again. The following day, on February 8, the new German Tenth army attacked from the north, further surprising the Russians who had actually not recognized the army existed.In the following days, the Germans drove the Russians the end of east Prussia, and by February 18, into the forest of Augustow, threaten them through envelopment.The Russian XX Corps impede the encirclement the the Russian Tenth Army, allowing the three various other corps come escape. The XX Corps surrendered on February 21. A Russian counterattack ultimately stopped the German advancement on February 22.In the battle, the Russians suffered 200,000 casualties, consisting of 92,000 prisoners. Many of the German casualties were due to exposure.

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