Season 1, illustration 1 American Stonehenge

Rob Nelson supplies state-of-the-art an innovation to search for rumored escape tunnels deep beneath Alcatraz. Also, a mysterious sample of rocks is investigated in ~ the bottom of Lake Michigan.

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Season 1, episode 2 secret of the Serpent Mound

Rob Nelson explores secret tunnels in ~ Denver"s airport, capitol building, and downtown to inspection rumors of a mystery organization. Also, the ancient secrets of a gigantic mound shaped choose a serpent space investigated.

Season 1, episode 3 Capone"s escape Tunnels

Rob Nelson investigates rumors the a secret, underground escape route supplied by the well known gangster Al Capone in Louisville, KY. Also, the Mima mounds in Washington State are explored.

Season 1, episode 4 America"s buried Massacre

Rob Nelson hunts for a legend mass grave that could expose a dark an enig from America"s industrial past. Then, high in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, Rob supplies cutting-edge technology to discover out why a gigantic lake all of sudden vanished.

Season 1, illustration 5 Rocky mountain Monsters

Rob Nelson examines a set of bizarre markings ~ above a Colorado ridge that imply a violent clash between prehistoric beasts. Also, an ancient California lake is investigated to view if it"s residence to alien life.

Season 1, illustration 6 California"s surprise Doomsday

Rob Nelson top to California to investigate a network of major fault lines the could collection off a huge earthquake. Also, a secret sinkhole is explored the some believe is a portal to the center of the Earth.

Season 1, episode 7 Secret history of the new World

Rob Nelson investigates a swarm of ancient ruins that suggest Europeans arrived in phibìc America nearly 1,000 years before Columbus. Also, a dormant supervolcano might be showing brand-new signs of life.

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Season 1, episode 8 good Lakes Bermuda Triangle

Rob Nelson descends right into a Texas cavern to uncover ancient remains of one unknown, massive extinction. Also, a phenomenon that"s brought about ships to disappear for centuries in the placid waters that Lake Michigan is investigated.




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