The Orcs of Mordor come in every shapes and sizes, and also in zero of War, you may discover yourself fighting a lowly Captain who"s fear of everything under the sun, or one extremely complicated legendary overlord who’s immune to all the strikes that don’t already make the mad together hell. However, also the toughest Orcs and Ologs that are a higher level 보다 you deserve to be to win if friend know just how the Nemesis system works, and how come play the to her advantage. We’ve compiled several professional tips indigenous our shadow of war Wiki on exactly how to beat also the strongest Orcs.

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A flaw in the Immunity

Go up versus any strong Captain, Warchief, or overlord - and also chances are he’s immune come something: Arrows, executions, fire - all the ingredient you love to death Orcs with. This can be a real pain, specifically when you begin finding also stronger adversaries who space immune to multiple varieties of assaults - which have the right to severely limit her options… but it doesn’t have actually to.

Orcs and also Ologs who have immunities can also have two things that negate their powerful defenses: fear and terror. Also if a captain has “Immune to Execution”, you have the right to temporarily disable that perk by capitalizing on your Mortal Weaknesses, and also things they room dazed by. If claimed captain wake up to have actually a are afraid of Morgai Flies, or a are afraid of burning, exposing the to either will cause him to stumble about, and lower his immunities long enough for friend to get in the assaults that were as soon as useless.


You can also outright terrify an orc through finding specific things that reason him come flee the battlefield in terror. These selection from assault types, various other captains gaining killed, or also a particular rival (that you have the right to bend to your will just to scare her target with). As soon as terrified, your enemy will run away as quick as he can - and also can be grabbed, dominated, or otherwise gutted nevertheless of his health. The course, together you become much more powerful yourself, it’s most likely that many of your enemies won’t have actually too countless mortal weaknesses - or even things that will certainly daze them.

Have a setup to kill Every Orc girlfriend Meet

There’s constantly a couple of enemies friend come up versus who room the meaning of negative luck: lots of strengths and also immunities - and very few weaknesses. At the point, it’s good to remind you yourself on her options: If he’s difficult to strike head-on, develop up could by fighting his entourage until you can execute him. If he’s immune come that, pepper him v arrows from afar or zero Strike right into him. Immune come arrows too? look for adjacent beast bait, cages, or nests you can disturb to carry in Caragors, Graugs, Ghuls, and also Drakes. You can likewise summon lock at will with skills if you fighting in an isolated area.

If physical attacks and also beasts aren’t functioning - remember you have elemental alternatives too. No only can you detonate grog barrels to good effect, but you have the right to upgrade both Mighty Shot and Elven irradiate to transaction fire, frost, or poison damage that you deserve to swap in between as needed. Don’t be fear to pause combat to go back and swap upgrades if the fight isn’t going her way, or retreat come re-evaluate and also identify targets.

A mad Orc is a poor Orc


Lots that captains and also warchiefs have actually a couple of things the will reason them to end up being enraged - and much more powerful orcs sometimes have actually lots of things that do them mad. Sometimes, literally anything can obtain an Orc riled up. Once enraged, Orcs deal unblockable and increased damages faster, room harder to kill, and also cannot be conquered or sometimes even stopped at all. Take keep in mind of what ticks them turn off so you can avoid this, otherwise you might want to retreat for a bit, or at least put a bunch of orcs between you and your enraged adversary so they can start attacking everything is close.

You should additionally take what bonuses and class characteristics an orc bring to the table. Each class behaves differently, so research each of the progressed classes so friend aren’t recorded off guard as soon as a marksman peppers you with explosive shots, or an Assassin denies girlfriend a Last chance attempt (fight those guys really carefully).

Epic and also legendary enemies also bring progressed Epic Traits come the mix (epic adversaries bring 1, while legend ones lug 2). While this doesn’t always make them that lot tougher, this perks do have a possibility to ruin your day through increased health regeneration or increased elemental weapon damage.

Strategize her Gear

It’s easy to keep equipping every brand-new piece of armor or weapon you discover as lengthy as the stats look much better than the last, however you need to pay fist to the bonuses equipment can bring. Maybe the brand-new sword you acquired from an epos Orc doesn’t deal as lot damage, but it"s vital strikes have a an excellent chance come curse the captain she up versus - who just happens to be breakable to curse damage.

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Sometimes it"s worth acquisition a hit to all at once damage calculation if friend can consist of for it v special effects. You can also stack comparable bonuses native armor and also weapons to rise the possibility your targets will endure this extra damage, or mix that up with legendary gear set bonuses - choose the Mystic collection that can give your overcame grunts cursed weaponry to compliment your own.

Keep in mind this are just some that the means to take down the toughest orcs in Mordor. As lengthy as you can assess what an adversary is weak to, and how to get roughly a particularly challenging strength or immune by exploiting a weakness - yes no foe you can’t ideal with the appropriate skills. Have any surefire techniques that occupational for you? let us understand in the comments!

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