SlimDX is an open-source API come DirectX programming under .NET Framework. SlimDX can be provided from any type of language under the .NET runtime (due come the CLR).

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SlimDX can be used to construct multimedia and also interactive applications (e.g. Games). Enabling high performance graphical representation and allowing the programmer come make usage of modern graphical hardware while functioning inside the .NET framework.

SlimDX was an initial publicly revealed in beta type on June 30, 2007. Since then it has actually grown in ~ a rapid pace and also now covers many multimedia APIs provided by Microsoft. Together of the June 2008 release, that is no longer in beta and is considered stable. Numerous commercial projects and also companies room using SlimDX, including Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

For the march 2011 release, SlimDX completely supports the adhering to APIs:

Direct3D 9.0c, 9.0 Ex, 10.0, 10.1, 11DXGI 1.0, 1.1DirectInput, XInput, raw InputDirectSound, XAudio 2, X3DAudio, XAPO, XACT3Direct2D, DirectWrite

Coding format Guidelines


In general, we use the password formatting options noted by intuitive Studio 2010’s “Visual C#” default configuration, through one exception: * style with tabs, no spaces.

Additionally, we use the adhering to rules: * each statement should acquire its own line. * Braces need to be omitted as soon as possible. * However, braces need to only it is in omitted for facility control constructs (if/else, try/catch) if they have the right to be omitted for every blocks in the construct. * access modifiers must be omitted as soon as possible. * return this need to be supplied judiciously, phone call to features with long or facility parameter lists must be indented utilizing K&R layout for the parentheses, and this technique should it is in nested together appropriate:PerformComplexOperation( argument1, someValue ? option1 : option2, SomeOtherFunction( a, b, c ), lastValue )


Use the .NET guidelines uneven they dispute with miscellaneous on this page.Use var once possible.Do not produced nested types.


Identifiers need to be named in together a means as to plainly illustrate their function or meaning. Abbreviations need to be avoided.PascalCase have to be provided for types, methods and properties. CamelCase need to be provided for variables and fields.All letters of an acronym should be capitalized, except with the acronym is the first word the a camelCase identifier, in which case all letters should be lowercase.Boolean properties should begin with a word that suggests their boolean nature, such together “is.”Do no decorate ar names v prefixes (for example, through m).Do no decorate kind names through prefixes (for example, through I).In declarations, the access modifier (if applicable) must precede the static/virtual/et cetera designator.

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Comment intelligently; don’t comment password that is otherwise readable and self-documenting. Instead, like to comment only where worth would be added, such as by explaining why a certain implementation was made in favor of an additional that could be an ext obvious or standard.

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