David Larsen (centre) and also his sons Bradley (left) and Jake up front the the W design Kenworth at Alexandra.
among nine trucks on screen at the show from Larsen.
the wouldn't be finish without the acsirhenryjones-museums.orgpanying Pontiac TransAm.

David Larsen (centre) and his young Bradley (left) and Jake up front of the W design Kenworth at Alexandra.

At the current Alexandra Truck, Rod and also Ute present Larsen’s truck Sales’ ceo David Larsen rolling up with a rare ‘Smokey and also the Bandit’ Kenworth W925 model. Peter and Di Schlenk take it the chance to uncover out exactly how he came by it


This year’s to run of the Alexandra Truck, Rod and also Ute Show, held on June 12, had a hold of superior machinery ~ above display, yet none were together striking together a Smokey and also the Bandit-themed 1976 Kenworth W925 model with that acsirhenryjones-museums.orgpanying Pontiac TransAm.

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Both vehicles were sirhenryjones-museums.orgponent of the Larsen’s van Sales stand at Alexandra, the 20th running of the event.

"It is just something different and also it’s eye catching, especially for a show like this," sirhenryjones-museums.orgpany founder David Larsen explains.

Larsen’s van Sales, the major sponsor of the Alexandra Truck, Rod and also Ute Show, had nine ~ above display, including the W model.

David has small knowledge of the old Kenworth’s history. He had actually purchased it from one more truck wholesaler in rust totally free condition.

He then collection about doing it up as a replica of the Smokey and the Bandit van which featured in the 1977 movie.

After all, it to be of the same vintage, to add the TransAm which appeared in the movie was a ’77 model.

"I desire to thank those who assisted transform the W925," states David, acknowledging the an excellent industry relationship he has built over the years.

"The truck to be purchased 12 months ago and we have spent in overfill of $100,000 on it."

The Kenworth has a 335hp Cummins up front, a 15 speed roadway Ranger gearbox and also six-rod suspension. That a well-specced truck and also David is hoping that someone will give it a an excellent home.

"Andrew Steffenson native Transmatt van Detailing to be the key organiser who placed it every together, when Shane Sluka from full Diesel services (TDS) did the mechanical work.

"Ray Moyle from element Refinishing painted it, for this reason it has been a joint effort by everybody and a good advertisement for us," David explains.

TDS went with the van from front to back, rebuilding what necessary to be done, including installing a brand-new clutch. David has had his trucks painted by element Refinishing for 23 years, and he has actually known Andrew 20 years.

"I have actually been friends through these world for a long time," David says. "It’s the exact same with offering trucks; making certain that you execute the right thing. That is a huge industry yet a very little world."

David meant the Smokey and also the Bandit W version Kenworth to part attention, however was surprised as soon as it easily attracted 1300 ‘likes’ on the Larsen’s truck Sales facebook page.

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"It definitely appeals to a lot of of different people," David says. "People my age, in ours 50s, recognise it and my boys do too. It’s a really iconic truck."


Read more about the unique Kenworth W925 model, and also Dandenong South-based Larsen’s truck Sales, in the July problem of Owner//Driver.



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