Star that the County under - voice students will gain this fun,vigorous, and also beautiful ireland sheet music. 

Almost all my students ask for this piece

Some pieces of music seem to spread like wildfire v a group of musicians, and this free vocal sheet music will execute that v your students too!

If you want to listen --and see! -- a funny rendition the this song, finish with fiddle, pipes, and also drums, watch the "Orthodox Celts" perform "Star of the county Down" top top the YouTube video clip below.

Vigorous, humorous, and an extremely musical, my students and I have watched this video many times!


The layout of the accompaniment is important

I have used big chords in the piano left hand to help propel energy into this song.  

But if I had actually only ONE vocalist singing, instead of a group, I would not usage such big chords - or at least they would certainly be play softly!


Please scroll down to the bottom that the page for the attach to the printable PDF.

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Suited for multiple kinds of musicians

When I have a really wonderful piece prefer this the is likewise a song, ns usually end up giving it to my pianists, guitarists, and also singers alike.  Oh, and fiddle students too!

They every benefit, and frequently end up playing it together.  You have the right to find guitar tabs here.

Different tricks for different purposes

The very beginner kinds of the Star the the County down for PIANO are collection around middle C, in the key of Am.  quite low because that young students when they sing along, but really easy reading and playing compared to the crucial of Em, I have actually found.  Find the on this page.

I need to thank a regional fiddle and guitar teacher called Dan for presenting local musicians to this good piece! You"ll say thanks to him too. 

Other lyrics obtainable - holy bible verse lyrics!

If you are interested in a fancier setup with more chords, plus text to a scriptures verse composed to this melody, inspect out this page, "For God So love the World", at my more recent site, sing The bible Story.

The link for the vocal music:

Download printable free Star of the county Down voice paper music

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Audrey: I simply wanted to tell friend that ns have uncovered your website extremely helpful!  

I have actually a young team of children that I have started a youth choir with and also I was trying to find music ideas and I came across your  website. THANK you SO MUCH!!