“Has Anyone ever before Written Anything because that You” is monitor 11 on Rock a Little (1985), Stevie Nicks third’s solo album. Released together the third and final solitary from the album, the song reached No. 60 ~ above the Billboard warm 100 chart. Stevie regularly closes her concerts through the relocating ballad.

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About ‘Has Anyone ever before Written Anything for You’

Stevie Nicks created “Has Anyone ever Written Anything for You” for Eagles member Joe Walsh. Joe had actually taken Stevie top top a drive to a phibìc Boulder Park in Boulder, Colorado, wherein his daughter Emma Kristen provided to play. Joe revealed to Stevie the Emma had actually been eliminated in an car accident. In her memory, Joe had a water fountain and also memorial plaque set up in the park. The visit to the park profoundly relocated Stevie to compose the song.

“So wrote a tune for her, and I composed a tune for him. Say thanks to you, Joe, because that the most committed tune I ever before wrote. But more than that, thank you for inspiring me in so numerous ways. Nothing in my life ever seems together dark anymore due to the fact that we took that drive.” (Stevie Nicks, 1991)

Buckingham Nicks producer Keith Olsen produced the song’s music bridge.

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Has Anyone ever Written Anything because that You Lyrics

Has anyone ever written anything for youIn all your darkest hoursHave you ever heard me singListen to me nowYou understand I’d quite be aloneThan be without youDon’t you know

Has anyone ever given anything to youIn your darkest hoursDid you ever give the backWell, i haveI have provided that to youIf it’s every I ever doThis is her song

And the rain come downThere’s no pain and there’s no doubtIt was easy to sayI believed in you every dayIf no for meThen do it because that the world

Has anyone ever before written anything because that youIn her darkest sorrowDid you ever hear me singListen come me nowYou recognize I’d rather be aloneThan be there is no youDon’t friend know

So if no for me thenDo it for yourselfIf not for me thenDo it because that the world

Poet…priest of nothing…legendPoet…priest that nothing…legend


Carolyn BrooksBackground vocals
Charles JudgeSynthesizer
David KemperPercussion
Mike LandauGuitar
Lori NicksBackground vocals
Stevie NicksLead vocals
Jamie SheriffEMU programmer

Production Credits

John KovarekEngineer/Mixer, record Plant, Los Angeles
Rick NowelsProducer, Westlake Studios, West Hollywood


Nicks, S. (1991). . In Timespace . Los Angeles: modern-day Records.