Queen street studio (formally known as Suite beauty, beauty Dilworth) is a vivid hair removed studio situated in the heart of Charlotte’s Dilworth Neighborhood. Our mission and also promise is to add to healthy and balanced skin, when educating client on the services of sugaring and also waxing, as an alternate to shaving. Us celebrate the beauty beauty of women and inspire a hopeful self-image by giving personable and also efficient hair removal and also other beauty beauty services. We like to think that us have found the “sweet side” of hair removal and want to share it v our clients. Our solutions are performed v efficiency and attentiveness by a team of license is granted Estheticians.

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Our Services

At Queen street Studio, we offer range of beauty services, specializing in the arts of human body Sugaring together a type of hair removal. In addition, we offer classic waxing, Vajacials, skin care treatments, and also other beauty services to encompass eyebrow and also lash services.

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What Is a body Sugaring?

Body sugaring is one ancient technique of hair removal, dating earlier to old Egyptians. The most gentle, natural, long lasting an approach to removing undesirable hair.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

Do you have questions around our policies, or pre and post service recommendations? What about the differences between a Brazilian and also Bikini service? Visit our FAQ page for answers to the most usual questions about your upcoming visit to the studio.

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At Queen sugar Studio, we celebrate the beauty of all women and also inspire a confident self-image, by offering high quality and efficient hair removal and also beauty services. Us have produced a fun and also vibrant environment where clients will obtain a heat welcome, in addition to a personable and customized experience. We job-related by appointment only to ensure you receive outstanding customer service, by our team of license is granted Estheticians.

“If she on the fence about sugaring, nothing hesitate…We take our time and also make sure that each client feels supported and also receives impeccable service. You room in great hands v the Queens!”

— Khiana Morton

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