Super key LVI will be play in the new, advanced SoFi stadion that opened in September 2020 and serves together the shared home of the Los Angeles Chargers and also Rams.

The meet should develop an electrifying setting for the NFL’s cool finale on Sunday, February 13, 2022, and hopefully feature full-capacity seating as the world returns to family member normalcy once the playoffs roll roughly again.

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Let’s take a closer look at the finer details because that Super bowl LVI, consisting of the at sight Bowl begin time, wherein to clock the epos showdown, and more information surrounding the next battle for the Lombardi Trophy.

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Super Bowl start time, TV info, location

Date: Sunday, February 13, 2022Time: The super Bowl start time is around 6:30 afternoon ESTStation: NBCLocation: Inglewood, California (SoFi Stadium) Announcers: Al Michaels/Mike Tirico and also Cris Collinsworth

The 6:30 pm EST at sight Bowl begin time is somewhat misleading, as games usually start about 20 minutes after that. Typically, broadcasts move off in between the three key networks (CBS, NBC and Fox). Critical season observed CBS wait Super bowl LV through Jim Nantz and also Tony Romo gaining the call.

Super bowl LVI will feature the duo of one of two people Al Michaels or Mike Tirico as the host and the well-respected Cris Collinsworth giving cutting-edge analysis in real-time. It continues to be to be checked out whether Michaels or Tirico will have main announcing duties. Michaels, 76, scaled ago his authorized in NFL top top NBC telecasts in 2020 due to COVID-19 protocols. Either guy is much more than qualified of doing a phenomenal job.

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Sep 13, 2020; Inglewood, California, USA; Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay calls a beat in the fourth quarter the the game versus the Dallas Cowboys in ~ SoFi Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA today Sports

Super key LVI odds, photo of top contenders


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Here’s a look in ~ the latest Super bowl lines, courtesy of DraftKings:

TeamSuper bowl LVI odds
Buffalo Bills+500
Los Angeles Rams+650
Tampa only Buccaneers+650
Green just Packers+900
Arizona Cardinals+1000
Dallas Cowboys+1000
Baltimore Ravens+1200
Kansas City Chiefs+1400
Tennessee Titans+2200
Los Angeles Chargers+2200
New olions Saints+3500
Indianapolis Colts+5000

Could the Chargers or Rams offer as true hosts for Super key LVI? Well, both seem poised to in ~ least difficulty for a spot in the huge Game, return the Bolts (+2200) are viewed as a lengthy shot through oddsmakers.

Interestingly, the Chargers stole away brilliant Rams protective coordinator Brandon Staley as their new head coach, and also with a increasing star in Justin Herbert under center and also a talented roster returning, the Chargers have to be a force in the AFC every season.


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We lug this host team possibility up first, due to the fact that Super bowl LV marked the an initial time ever that a participant was playing a home game, and the Tampa only Buccaneers took complete advantage, crushing the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 in ~ Raymond James stadion in Tampa, Florida.

Now we have two up-and-coming teams in the Arizona Cardinals and also Buffalo Bills. Both groups have gotten out to strong starts led through a great young quarterback in the MVP conversation combine with strong defenses. It have to be an interesting next few months.

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Super bowl history

Feb 7, 2021; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa just Buccaneers facility Ryan Jensen’s son Wyatt, put on his helmet after beating the Kansas City Chiefs in Super bowl LV in ~ Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA this day Sports

This will certainly be the 56th iteration the the modern-day Super Bowl. The very first game took place earlier in January that 1967 v the eco-friendly Bay Packers taking out the Kansas City Chiefs. Green Bay ultimately won Super bowl II, too, through a victory over the then-Oakland Raiders.

It to be only ago in 2002 that the at sight Bowl moved to February. The was because of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 top top the United states the ahead fall. The NFL chose to save the huge game in February after it had actually been play the month prior throughout its history.

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Here’s a look at the past 5 Super Bowls


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Super key records

Most Super key appearances: new England Patriots (11)

Most Super bowl wins: Tom Brady (7), New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers (6)

Super bowl losses: Denver Broncos, brand-new England Patriots (5)

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How plenty of fans will certainly be in attendance at the supervisor Bowl?

Located in ~ SoFi stadion in Inglewood, California, Super bowl LVI will certainly hopefully load its brand-new venue. The noted capacity for occasions such as a Super key is 100,240 people. Due to the fact that it is the biggest sporting occasion in the nation, mean SoFi to test that capacity limit come its full extent.

Super key Halftime present to feature Hip-Hop Icons

Marilyn Chung/The Desert SunCoachella 2012 2

At the finish of September, the NFL revealed that artist plans for the Super key Halftime Show and it’s a doozy. No to be outdone by last year’s phenomenal performance by The Weeknd, the league carried in a star-studded cast to save the persons entertained in 2022.

Kendrick LamarEminemSnoop DoggDr. DreMary J. Blige

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With Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg every hailing from California, you have the right to bet they’re walk to carry the energy, placing on a true show. While some of the music may not be because that everyone, for the people who have actually grown increase listening to these Grammy Award-winning artists perform, it’s walking to be a one-of-a-kind Halftime performance.

Who performs at the Super bowl Halftime Show?

Roc Nation, led through Jay-Z, has remained in charge of assembling the Super bowl Halftime present in current years. After ~ Jennifer Lopez and also Shakira carry out in Miami, Super key LV observed The Weeknd together the main headliner. Here’s a look at at some of the other many recent performers.

LIII: Maroon 5 and also Travis Scott LII: Justin Timberlake LI: Lady Gaga 50: Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars

Super Bowl nationwide anthems of the past

We have actually seen some absolutely significant renditions that the nationwide anthem end the past half-century or so. Whitney Houston’s power of the track ahead the Super key XXV back in 1991 stands over the rest. It come at a time when the joined States found itself at war for the first time due to the fact that Vietnam years earlier and captivated the nation.

Super key LV offered a fascinating mashup of category from its double performers that sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

R&B artist Jazmine Sullivan teamed increase with nation music star Eric Church because that a dynamic duet featuring part truly distinct musical interplay. The setup itself, though, was a tiny too flashy, and unlike in the instances the the late, good Houston and Carey, the nationwide anthem appears to it is in most reliable oftentimes as soon as it’s perform in a simple fashion, together opposed to being as well ornamental in that execution.

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In any kind of event, it definitely was an particularly 2020 NFL season and it was good to view the entertainment next of Super key Sunday.

Despite evident bumps follow me the way, there was, in fact, a Super bowl champion crowned amid an unmatched time when it looked favor the season chin could’ve remained in jeopardy.

Whichever teams and also performers require to the ar at SoFi stadium on February 13, 2022, the to meet itself and the massive Los Angeles-area market should administer a larger-than-life, Hollywood-style backdrop because that Super key LVI. After ~ three directly Super Bowls in i beg your pardon the final score wound increase being determined by double digits, the next huge Game is as result of be an instant classic that comes under to the last possession.