There are two kinds of collectibles in almost every Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. And also there room two types of coins: continual gold coins that you have the right to find and also spend anywhere and kingdom-specific violet coins. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of every kingdom coin in the Sand Kingdom. (Check the end our guide to the Sand Kingdom’s strength moons come find every one of those.)

There space 50 coins to collection in the Sand Kingdom.

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Sand Kingdom coins map

Nintendo via We’ve broken the purple coins into 31 sets. The images below are numbered to exchange mail to the map above. We’ve numbered these in such a method that you have the right to collect them all in one continuous loop, beginning near the Odyssey and ending close to the boss fight area.

1-7: Odyssey to Tostarena Town
Grid view
Nintendo 10. These 3 coins space by themselves off in the an extremely southwest edge of the kingdom. Either warp come the Southwestern Floating Island flag and drop to the ground, take it a Jaxi from Tostarena Town, or simply walk all the means to the southwest. These coins are simply over the leaf of the kingdom. Either usage Cappy to collect them or hang turn off the edge and shuffle along.

11: Desert Oasis

Nintendo 11. There are 4 coins in ~ the bottom of the lake in the Desert Oasis in the south-east of the kingdom.

12-15 Jaxi Ruins
Grid see

12. Discover a Jaxi and also head toward the Jaxi damages on the east side the the kingdom. Jaxis have the right to run throughout the poison lake. Usage your ride to collection the 4 coins floating on the tiny islands in the lake.

13. Ride your Jaxi right into the structure in the center of the toxicity lake. You’ll drop into a challenge area where you need to ride a (different) Jaxi along part narrow, poison-covered paths. Take the very first right — don’t cross the relocating bridge — to uncover the first three coins.

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14. The following pair that coins room in the huge open area whereby you collection moon 59. These coins room on the right side behind a pair of cactus balls.

15. The last three coins are on the small ramp the leads away from that same open area.