This song is around censorship. It expresses just how the federal government gets to decision what"s acceptable and what isn"t.

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"F--k The System" was released ~ above Steal This Album!, device Of A Down"s follow-up to your massive-selling Toxicity album. They decided to rush-release it after it to be leaked on the internet. The album had actually no packaging and looked favor a home-burn CD.

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Gabriel native MariettaSteve, you clearly are one of those civilization who think every band is a sellout.SOAD hates TURKEY and also is native Armenia, they hate Turkey because of their component in the Armenian Genocide. They room an remarkable band v an outspoken watch on the government, media, and also the guy himself.Casey from Glendale, AzThey"re no all "from" Armenia. Only Shavo Odadjian to be born in Armenia. They all just have actually Armenian in your blood. Actually both Serj Tankian and John Dalmayan to be born in Lebanon. When Daron Malakian was born in American. Just since they have Armenian blood doesn"t median they room from Armenia. Mick indigenous Los Angeles, Casteve, how have the right to they it is in from turkey when they absolutely dislike they"re government after what castle did with the armenian genocideStew native Buffalo, joined KingdomSteve...its civilization like you who make me pissed like no tommorow. You have no f--king idea what ur talking about. SOAD is native Armenia. They hate Turkey since of the Armenian Genocide. You wanna point fingers at lowering the bars the decency, point it at the rappers who usage language just as foul yet without a coherent message behind it.Justin native Brownsville, TxLike i Fregen care i luv soad and also i Luv your songs simply shut up and also quit critisizing itRaymond indigenous Sanger, CaHey um Serj choose in all his interviews claimed he despises Turkey since of the Armenia Genocide.Billy native Perris, CaI don"t think any of girlfriend have any kind of idea what this track is about- "cept Sasuke, he"s goin" the best way. Serj when said during an interview that he does not setup his lyrics, he allows them circulation through him. The government sucks. Leave it alone. other thing, castle are certainly not indigenous TurkeyRrroba native Pieland, Casteve... Ur one idiot... This tune is around cencorship, and they r not from TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!! castle r indigenous Amrnia, and also proud of it... There ~ no much difference betwween heer and there, but this nation is richer.. Currently STFUSkylar from ft Lauderdale, Flthis track is about the system of the conformists. We have to step of the ladder, and also have our very own opinions.Sasuke Uchiha from covert Leaves Village, JapanWho cares, this song rocks.Blake indigenous Hamilton, OhCensorship is a great theory, yet I personally think the the band is just, well, sick of our government. Just how it says we space a "Free" country, and also "How they are perfect" when THEY really suck. I think the is nothing an ext then that......Maybe that"s why that couldn"t it is in on any kind of other album.Stewie native St.john"s, CanadaActually, this track is much more about censorship, prefer Petrified Monkey said, however I"m going to shot to take it a step further. I think that "F--k the System" is no only about censorship and also the truth that the federal government decides what"s acceptable, but as well, the tells human being not to buy into it. Why else would Serj Tankian to speak "We all must f*ck the system"? Ditch the rules, ditch the government, live by your very own code and also live in freedom. That"s what this tune says.Steve from Gaithersburg, MdThis song isn"t around censorship at all, it"s about MONEY, and also how mirroring off just how being a potty-mouthed malcontent spouting anti-government views and also seeking to lower the bars that decency to brand-new depths have the right to line your pockets (or at the very least those the SOAD) v cold cash.Let"s see if the tune would it is in this successful ago in your beloved Turkey. Serj Tankian et al have no idea simply how great they"ve acquired it.see an ext comments
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