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Tywan ‘Tank’ Jackson is top top his way to Hollywood!

After auditioning because that American Idol during the last season, Tank finally made the through and also is walking to the following round.

Tank is from Ashtabula and even has actually a fan page on Facebook produced by his friends.

In enhancement to singing throughout his audition, he even performed a dance because that judge Jennifer Lopez to her hit song, ‘Get Right.’

Friend Jamie Morris claimed Tank has actually been trying out for The Voice, American Idol and also X element for 12 years and this was his first yes.

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“His singing and dancing has constantly brought a smile to so numerous people’s faces, including mine,” she said Fox 8 News.

Hey Tank, don’t forget to lug that boombox come Hollywood! #IdolAuditions

— American Idol (
AmericanIdol) January 15, 2016

SLAY! #IdolAuditions

— American Idol (
AmericanIdol) January 15, 2016

Raise your hand if girlfriend wanna Tankercise!