Well, I had a problem with my windows startup, whereby I can"t type anything on my find windows. So I had to operation "C:Windowssystem32ctfmon.exe" every time to solve it (yea, I understand there"re likewise some alternate ways to fix it).

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Then, i found response on this link, composed as "Enable Ctfmon.Exe on Startup via job Scheduler:".

Then, once I open up my task Scheduler, over there is no task or the Task Scheduler Library. I can"t even create any kind of task, picture. This what happens when I try to click refreshing in the task Scheduler.

I additionally made part research, to operation "taskschd.msc" (I"m sorry, ns don"t recognize what it means, just following a tutorial). Climate it appears to speak "The remote computer system is not found".

I do the efforts to discover other problems on the internet that is comparable to mine, however I can"t find any solution that suitable.

Can someone please, define to me what"s continue to mine windows and tell me how any type of of these difficulties should work. I would be really appreciative.

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One reasonably certain way to fix a corrupted or damaged windows Operating mechanism is a home windows 10 fix Install.

Go come the Media production Link:


Windows 10 is running, so click on the Download switch (not UpgradeButton) and select Run.

If the Repair will certainly not operation as per above, usage the Download switch tocreate a USB windows Installation key, then operation Setup ~ above the USB Key.

This will certainly launch the Repair and also proceed normally.


Start through the alternative to keep Everything.

If this walk not job-related as expected,


You can also Keep Data, or store Nothing. Save Nothing is really close to a clean install.

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