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Alex Jones lmao
Paul B.
Anon dude relax i was simply joking ns love discovering teens ~ above the beach with binoculars. I'm one of you lol relax!
Img 'src .' ru (remove the spaces and also apostrophes) has actually non-nude kid and teen pics. Greatly from 8-12 however there room some teenager pics. Be aware that their comments aren't regulation in regards to content, but they don't enable the sharing of links. And btw paul you're a refuse if you think the teengallery is because that p3d0s. It's precise in the name: teens. That method that they're above twelve. Gift attracted to teens from the period of roughly 13-17 is hebephilia, no p3d0philia you m0r0n. Renders you look genuine dumb when you throw labels roughly that girlfriend don't even understand. Get a hobby. And a life too while you're in ~ it.
Paul, seriously, closeup of the door the hell up. The was no "Pedophilia". There is a vast difference in between a snapshot of a 17 come 20 year old girl in a swim suit taken by she friend and also a 10 year old gift molested by some sick f*ck. Its moral crusader
ssholes like you that need to acquire a life. Nobody to be victimized through teengallery; in reality , there were a how amazing high number of girls roughly the same eras that were members on the site. The website mods were an extremely active in keeping any type of possibly illegal content off the site and even policed comment heavily. Therefore f*ck off. Hopefully, someone mirrored the totality site recently and will upload a torrent attach to pirate bay or something as was done for its predecessor jbgallery. The contents was too initial to have disappeared forever. The will show up again, trust me. Just keep on the lookout, the will show up. What suck is the lack of brand-new content.

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apparently there to be a bunch women that joined a coalition to take it the website down. A most these females are exhausted old jealous fight axes who have actually nothing far better to perform with their lives. Several of them most likely haven't had sex through their husbands because that years and also may have captured their husbands looking in ~ the girls on the site.
Netflix deserve to literally have actually a movie with underage scantily clad pedophile food however this website is a problem? Yeah, some kinda bordered that line pretty closely yet never noþeles incriminating. People (especially the 20 year old much left "social warriors" and also that retard paul B have to chill the hell out. The uneducated