You might spend hours wandering around the Hebra Mountains, or you might follow our guide and also find the Mozo Shenno shrine in no time.

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Don"t miss out on the remainder of our travel guide to The Legend of Zelda: Breath that the Wild.

If girlfriend haven"t got this shrine search yet, discover Molli in Rito Village. She speak you this story:

"Once upon a time, mine grandpa quit at a large tree when he was climbing a huge mountain and looked listed below him to the northwest. When suddenly he witnessed a large snow-white birdie through its wings spread wide! mine grandpa took turn off flying after the snow-white birdie. And also as he got a little closer come the white birdie, Grandpa experienced something SUPER crucial inside that belly!"

The adventure log gives you one extr hint, by mentioning the "lone cedar tree" in the Hebra Mountains.

Here"s whereby you can find that tree:


Find the cedar tree here

But where"s the bird? Don"t waste any kind of time looking in the sky – this is what you"re looking for:


There"s the "birdie" you"re feather for

Glide end and an alert the Mozo Shenno shrine "inside its belly":


Glide end to watch the shrine"inside its belly"

This is another major Test that Strength, so get your best weapons equipped to take on the Guardian inside. There"s a diamond within the chest for your troubles.

Don"t miss the rest of our travel guide to Breath that the Wild.

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