The continuing portrayal that Italian Americans together gangsters is an instance of xenophobia. The answer to your inquiry is D. I hope that this is the answer the you to be looking for and it has helped you.

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Option: Respectable bigotry


After coming to America, Italians have additionally faced distinguish in the hand the Americans. American had actually respectable bigotry versus Italians immigrant by portraying them together gangsters or as mafia. Respectable bigotry happens once intolerance against ethnic groups is seen as unacceptable. American Italians as mafia in a tv commercial and in serials, led in the stereotype behavior among the Americans.

eastern culture


Throughout Asia, the way of eating is to use chopsticks v every meal, These human being may fine it unnecessary to discover that human being in other societies, such as the American society, eat utilizing forks, spoons, velvet an therefore on

B. Wow, that is for this reason interesting! I´ve never ever been Peru; it sounds yes, really cool!"


Ethnocentrism is the act of evaluate another society based on preconceptions based upon the values of one´s own culture.

In the sentence above the speak is talking around Peru although he had actually never remained in there.

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a. "Why i will not ~ you look me in the eye as soon as I am talk to you!"


In sociology, the hatchet ethnocentrism describes the phenomenon through which we measure other cultures based in the criter that we usage in our own culture and as such this stops united state from understanding other culture"s norms and also traditions. In other words, we look at the people through the perspective of our very own culture.

In this example, the option that needs to do with judging one person based upon the standards of ours own society would it is in a. "Why i will not ~ you look at me in the eye as soon as I am talking to you!" since in some cultures, looking come one human being in the eye is taken into consideration a disrespectful sign and also this person is evaluate the various other one and also getting upset because the other human is not looking in ~ him/her in the eye when it"s probably because of the different societies they belong to.

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a. “Why i will not ~ you watch me in the eye once I am talking to you!”

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asian cultures


An example of ethnocentrism in culture is the asian cultures throughout all the countries of Asia. Throughout Asia, the method of eat is to use chopsticks with every meal. These people may discover it unnecessary to uncover that world in other societies, such together the American society, eat utilizing forks, spoons, knives, etc.

Social Darwinism is a quite strange idea that tries to apply the concept of natural choice to social, political and economic life.

According come Kipling, the white man has the divine right and also obligation to bring "civilization" come other societies europeans take into consideration to it is in uncivilized.

We can clearly see ethnocentrism on the means Kipling portrays the non-white populaces of the world: watch sloth and also folly lug all her hope to naught (...) The silent, sullen peoples/Shall sweet your Gods and you.

No, of food the "Half-devil and half-child" individuals weren"t uncivilized, they to be just really different native the Victorian-era English society.

Because they played a major role in enthehaseracism i m sorry led to major ethnicity and also public advancements including an ext tourism
Ethnocentrism is the check out that our culture is better than anyone. Ethnocentrism is going come be an extremely common in today"s era We space judging another person culture solely by the values and standards that one"s very own culture. It is also a significant reason because that divisions among members of various ethnicities, and spiritual in ours society.
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The continuing portrayal the italian americans together gangsters is an example of: ethnocentrism or respe...
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