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The cortical reaction the sea urchin egg functions straight in
the generation the an electrical impulse by the egg.

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the blend of egg and also sperm nuclei.
the release of hydrolytic enzyme from the sperm.
the production of a rapid block to polyspermy.
the formation of a fertilization envelope.
Which of the following is usual to the development of both birds and mammals?
yolk plug
holoblastic cleavage
gray crescent
epiblast and hypoblast
The archenteron develops into
the placenta.
the endoderm.
the lumen of the digestive tract.
the blastocoel.
the mesoderm.
What structure adaptation in chickens enables them come lay your eggs in arid settings rather 보다 in water?
development of the mind from ectoderm
extraembryonic membranes
In one egg cell treated through EDTA, a chemical that binding calcium and magnesium ions,
the fertilization envelope would not form.
the quick block come polyspermy would not occur.
the zygote would certainly not save on computer maternal and also paternal chromosomes.
the fusion of sperm and also egg nuclei would be blocked.
the acrosomal reaction would certainly be blocked.
In humans, similar twins are feasible because
convergent extension occurs.
cytoplasmic factors are dispersed unevenly in unfertilized eggs.
extraembryonic cells connect with the zygote nucleus.
the gray crescent divides the dorsal-ventral axis into brand-new cells.
early blastomeres can type a complete embryo if isolated.
Cells transplanted indigenous the neural tube of a frog embryo come the ventral component of one more embryo develop into nervous mechanism tissues. This an outcome indicates the the transplanted cells were

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