Season 17 episode 3 - Monster

A Tulsa, Okla., police detective monitor a sadistic killer who murdered the brother of a male who stole his truck. Air day : 30th-Nov-2017

Season 17 episode 1 - Honor password

In Atlanta, a decorated veteran and grandfather is ambushed when he checks on a rental property. Air day : 19th-Oct-2017Read More

Season 17 episode 2 - runner Runner

In Mobile, as soon as a quick money scam ends in a dual murder, a rookie homicide detective takes the personally. Air day : 26th-Oct-2017Read More

Season 17 illustration 3 - Monster

A Tulsa, Okla., police detective monitor a sadistic killer that murdered the brother of a male who stole his truck. Air day : 30th-Nov-2017Read More

Season 17 episode 4 - Dangerous firm

A lacking father turns up dead when his plans to evict a tenant ignites a murderous rage. Air day : 7th-Dec-2017Read More

Season 17 episode 5 - endless Love & the end of Time

A woman is beaten and stabbed to fatality in her house in an act of vengeance; a Kansas City guy is unable to obtain out the a danger business. Air date : 14th-Dec-2017Read More

Season 17 episode 6 - Trap house

When a guy is murdered just before Christmas, his household helps Tulsa, Okla., detectives find for his killers. Air date : 21st-Dec-2017Read More

Season 17 episode 7 - devil in Me & follow of Blood

A Tulsa, Okla., guy is shot and also killed as soon as a stranger watch an chance too great to pass up; in Atlanta, one escalating dispute ends through one man dead and the other in danger. Air date : 1st-Jan-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 8 - cruel Summer

Gunmen open up fire on a porch, shooting four children and also three adults; a police detective turns to the brand-new Orleans ar for aid in fixing the case. Air date : 4th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 17 episode 9 - Rearview Killer & point Blank

A parking many drug transaction turns into a shootout that insurance claims the stays of 2 Atlanta men; an execution outside a Tulsa, Okla., motel escalates into a dual murder when the killer clues a witness come the crime. Air day : 11th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 17 episode 10 - Score to resolve & In her Arms

A father is eliminated when a man opens fire in a crowded convenience save in Atlanta; a Tulsa, Okla., groom-to-be is gunned down before he have the right to turn his life around. Air date : 18th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 11 - The Girl next Door

In Atlanta, when a young guy is shot from 235 feet away, Detective Darrin blacksmith discovers an escalating feud that endangers to tear personally a neighborhood. Air day : 29th-Mar-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 12 - fallen Hero / The Last deal

When a 90-year-old war hero is shoot in the back, detectives discover his previous neighbor may organize the crucial to what went down; a young man"s future is cut brief when a setup to make a rapid buck goes horribly wrong. Air day : 5th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 13 - inside the Tape one-of-a-kind #4

A late-night shooting in north Minneapolis pipeline one man dead and another lively to assist detectives recognize the killer. In Tulsa, a so late night party turns into a blood bath, however a Facebook video clip may help Detective man Brown conflict a suspect’s cases that he wasn’t there. In Tulsa again, Detectives have to decide if a duo responsible for an all night car-jacking spree finished in the gruesome killing of a solitary father. In Tulsa, an chaste victim is caught in the overcome fire together a surging of gang violence rips with the city. Air day : 12th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 14 - inside the Tape unique #5

In brand-new Orleans, once a male is robbed and also shot multiple time on his payday, Detective plunder Barrere has a hunch this isn’t simply a random robbery gone wrong. In brand-new Orleans, once an eyewitness points the end a potential doubt at the crime scene, Detective Nick Williams must identify if they have the right guy. Once a guy is uncovered shot dead in his car, St. Luigi detectives expect a neighborhood prostitute can suggest them in the direction the the shooter. In KCK, a feud in between neighbors gets the end of control and leaves a dad of 5 shooting in the head on his doorstep. Air day : 19th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 17 episode 15 - within the Tape one-of-a-kind #6

In Minneapolis, monitoring cameras at a convenience save capture much more than simply a shooting. As soon as a dead body is discovered days after ~ the murder, Minneapolis Homicide need to scramble to capture up come the killer. Minneapolis detectives need the aid of the Somali ar to aid solve the murder of among their own. The life of a 19-year old woman hangs in the balance after walking in on one intruder in her home. Air date : 26th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 16 - inside the Tape one-of-a-kind #7

In new Orleans, once a star angry identifies her boyfriend’s killers, detectives doubt it might be too an excellent to it is in true. After 2 young guys are killed, Detective Nick Williams make the efforts to acquire their friend to change his ways before he becomes one more victim. A teenager speak Tulsa homicide the his girlfriend accidentally shot himself, yet the evidence points in an additional direction. In Mobile, as soon as a homeless male is brutally murdered, detectives conclude the it’s not just a arbitrarily act that violence yet something much an ext personal. Air date : 22nd-May-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 17 - steal Innocence

When a young mother and also her friend room murdered in front of her children, Tulsa detectives hope a suspicious auto will command them come the killer. Air date : 23rd-Aug-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 18 - Deadly keys & True Lies

Detectives investigate the twin murder the two household men in Minneapolis, urging a witness come come clean; in Tulsa, Okla., a young mrs is discovered dead in a dumpster ~ she discovers the fate of her fiancé. Air day : 23rd-Aug-2018Read More

Season 17 episode 19 - poor Lick & Red Dawn

After a generosity Atlanta man is murdered, Detective Egbert suspects he may have been a victim that his very own kindness; in Tulsa, Okla., a man is shot while driving down the street; Sgt. Walker inquiries youths that tried come break into the victim"s house. Air date : 30th-Aug-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 20 - critical Hope & reality and after-effects

In Atlanta, a teenager"s life is cut quick over a neighborhood beef; in Tulsa, Okla., a young mrs goes missing, and her household fears she to be murdered. Air date : 30th-Aug-2018Read More

Season 17 episode 21 - Standing soil

In Tulsa, a high-school soccer player is gunned down as soon as his friends make a danger decision. Detectives have to separate witnesses from doubt to find out that fired the deadly bullet. Air day : 6th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 17 episode 22 - finish of the road

In Tulsa, Okla., an unsolved instance comes to life when new evidence sheds irradiate on a dead man"s friend. Air date : 13th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 23 - lost Boys

In Tulsa, an chaste grandmother is gunned down steps from she front door, and also Detective john Brown discovers the her killers might be 14-year-old boys. Air day : 13th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 24 - Predator

In Harris County, a woman is uncovered bound through the side of the road; as Sgt. James Dousay functions the case, that discovers the he might be trying to find a serial killer. Air date : 4th-Oct-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 25 - for a friend & The Last gamble

In Atlanta, a teenager is killed when he actions in former of a gunman to save his friend; in Tulsa, Okla., a guy is shot dead and also left in a church parking lot when he tries to offer a stolen car. Air date : 11th-Oct-2018Read More

Season 17 episode 26 - Knock at the Door & The Brave One

A Tulsa, Okla., man is murdered in prior of his fiancée when fatality comes knocking at their door; a beloved guy is gunned down while protecting his friends native a shooter"s rage. Air day : 18th-Oct-2018Read More

Season 17 episode 27 - Unspeakable

A man gunned under inside an apartment sets turn off a chain of events unlike noþeles Tulsa Homicide has ever before seen. Air day : 25th-Oct-2018Read More

Season 17 illustration 28 - Unspeakable component 2

Tulsa Ok. Detective Jason White continues to investigate Courtney Palmers disappearance. The absent persons case turns into a detective"s worst nightmare Air date : 26th-Nov-2018Read More

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