Today, it may seem impossible to imagine the U.S. Federal government without its two leading political parties, Democrats and also Republicans. But in 1787, when delegates come the constitutional Convention gathered in Philadelphia come hash out the structures of their new government, they entirely omitted political next from the new nation’s starting document.

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This was no accident. The framers that the brand-new Constitution desperately want to prevent the departments that had actually ripped England personal in the bloody civil wars of the 17th century. Numerous of them witnessed parties—or “factions,” as they called them—as corruption relics that the monarchical British device that they want to discard in favor of a truly autonomous government.

“It was not that castle didn’t think the parties,” states Willard Sterne Randall, professor emeritus the at Champlain College and biographer of 6 of the establishing Fathers. “Just the idea the a party brought earlier bitter memory to several of them.”

George Washington’s family had fled England exactly to avoid the civil wars there, while Alexander Hamilton once called political parties “the many fatal disease” of well-known governments. James Madison, who functioned with Hamilton to defend the new Constitution to the public in the Federalist Papers, created in Federalist 10 that one of the features of a “well-constructed Union” should be “its propensity to break and control the violence of faction.”

But thomas Jefferson, who was serving a diplomatic post in France during the constitution Convention, thought it was a mistake not to carry out for various political next in the new government. “Men by your constitutions are naturally split into two parties,’’ he would write in 1824.

In fact, once Washington ran unopposed to victory the very first presidential election in the nation’s, in 1789, he made decision Jefferson because that his cabinet so it would be inclusive the differing politics viewpoints. “I think he had actually been warned if he didn't have Jefferson in it, climate Jefferson could oppose his government,” Randall says.

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George Washington (seated right) in consultation v Thomas Jefferson (seated left) and Alexander Hamilton.