Windows Deployment services (WDS) allows you come deploy home windows operating equipment over the network, which means that you do not need to install each operating system directly from a CD or DVD.

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For information around what is new or contained in your variation of windows Deployment Services, view What"s brand-new in windows Deployment services in windows Server 2012.

For step-by-step accuse on exactly how to usage the home windows Deployment Services, view Windows Deployment Services getting Started guide for windows Server 2012.

Benefits of home windows Deployment Services

Allows network-based installation of home windows operating systems, i m sorry reduces the complexity and also cost when contrasted to hand-operated installations.

Supports deploying images for mixed settings including Windows 7and windows Server 2008 R2 with Windows 8.1and home windows Server 2012 R2.

Uses traditional Windows Setup technologies consisting of Windows Preinstallation environment (Windows PE), .wim files, and image-based setup.

Transmits data and also images by utilizing multicast functionality.

Allows you to produce images that a reference computer system using the Image catch Wizard, which is an different to the ImageX tool.

Allows girlfriend to include driver packages to the server and configure castle to it is in deployed to client computers in addition to the install image.

Prerequisites for installing home windows Deployment Services

The complying with are requirements for installing this role, depending upon whether you choose the default installation (both Deployment Server and also Transport Server), or only the transport Server function service.

Deployment Server and Transport Server

Transport Server

AD DS is not compelled if the WDS server is configured in standalone mode.

Active catalog Domain solutions (AD DS). A home windows Deployment services server must be a member of an energetic Directory Domain services (AD DS) domain or a domain controller because that an AD DS domain.

The AD DS domain and also forest versions are irrelevant; every domain and forest configurations assistance Windows Deployment Services.


DHCP. You must have a functioning Dynamic organize Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server through an energetic scope on the network since Windows Deployment Services offers PXE, which depends on DHCP for IP addressing.

DNS. Girlfriend must have actually a functioning Domain Name device (DNS) server top top the network prior to you deserve to run home windows Deployment Services.

NTFS volume. The server running home windows Deployment Services needs an NTFS record system volume for the photo store.

For windows Server 2008: The just prerequisite is that you must be a member of the local Administrators team on the server come install transport Server. Also note that a PXE provider is not installed with transport Server, so friend must develop a custom PXE provider to network boot.

For windows Server 2008 R2: You should be a member of the regional Administrators team to install transport Server. In addition, if you are using deliver Server come network boot, your environment must save on computer DHCP (Windows Server 2008 R2 consists of a PXE provider, which permits you to network boot).

Tools for managing Windows Deployment Services

The adhering to are devices that you deserve to use to manage your server:

Windows Deployment services MMC snap-in - offers an easy method to manage images, computers, and also common server settings. You deserve to perform practically all tasks from the MMC snap-in (for example, you can not prestage client computers). Keep in mind that the snap-in is not accessible when you install only the carry Server duty service.

WDSUTIL command-line tool - permits you to control the full functionality of the server. WDSUTIL also enables you come script usual tasks.

Windows PowerShell cmdlets for WDS – allows you to manage and monitor the WDS server making use of Windows PowerShell scripts.

Deploying and also configuring WDS in a multi-computer environment

It is not common to break-up a WDS server’s functionality among different computers.

Installing the WDS role on digital machines

You can run windows Deployment solutions on Hyper-V virtual machines. Depending on the capacity of your server to run Hyper-V, you can install, configure and also use home windows Deployment Services. Girlfriend can additionally create a virtual device to act as a client machine once building and testing your deployment images. This is especially useful for building your tradition images. Note, however, the the power will often be degraded, an especially during the Trivial document Transfer Protocol (TFTP) download phase. This step is very resource-intensive and may fail if poor resources are accessible on your server to run Hyper-V.

Support for the WDS role in a clustered environment

The home windows Deployment services server company is not cluster-aware. However, you deserve to run multiple WDS servers in a network to provide fault-tolerance and load balancing.

Considerations for managing this duty remotely

You can regulate Windows Deployment services remotely by installing the windows Deployment services server function on a neighborhood server and also then making use of that server to affix to the far server in the data center or you have the right to use the windows PowerShell cmdlets for windows Deployment solutions to control a far server.

Managing the WDS duty using the Server core installation option

You cannot usage Windows Deployment services with the Server main point installation option.

Configuring the WDS duty for high availability

WDS is design to instantly fail end to various other WDS servers. We recommend the you deploy two WDS servers in ~ a minimum and also then extr servers to rise redundancy for higher availability.

Known issues

When utilizing the Dynamic Driver Provisioning (DDP) attribute on a WDS server running windows Server 2012 if you effort to include a driver come a windows 8.1 or home windows Server 2012 R2 boot.wim you might receive the following error when running the "Add driver packages to image" wizard: 

An error arisen while trying to execute command. Error Code: 0xc0000135

This is a known issue related come DISM version included with home windows Server 2012 that is supplied by WDS to service images. This version of DISM supports servicing windows Server 2012 and earlier boots images but does not support later on versions of boot images. You have the right to resolved this issue by upgrading her WDS server to home windows Server 2012 R2 which contains a DISM version that support servicing home windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 boot.wim"s or you deserve to install the home windows 8.1 ADK and manually include the driver come the boot.wim. Because that instructions for how to include drivers, see add and Remove drivers Offline utilizing DISM 

Common consumption scenarios

The following are usual scenarios for windows Deployment Services.

Scenario one: The small business

Fabrikam, Inc. Is a manufacturer that towels v custom designs. It is a tiny business v a solitary office. Monica Brink, Fabrikam"s resident it professional, is responsible for keeping the IT infrastructure for the company, which consists of 25 customer computers to run Windows XP SP2 Professional and also a single server running Windows Server 2003 with SP2. The server functions as a paper print server, net server, Exchange server, Domain Name device (DNS), Dynamic hold Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, and also domain controller. The computer systems are connected by a 100-MBps Ethernet connection.

Monica is offered the task of moving all of the client computers come the Windows 7 (or home windows 8.1) operation system and upgrading the single server to windows Server 2008 R2, windows Server 2012, or home windows Server 2012 R2. The is vital that she renders the move as conveniently as feasible so that office workers can continue their work.

In the past, she deployed a new operating mechanism one computer system at a time. This take it her around 45 minute per computer (almost 19 hrs to set up the operating device on all the customer computers). For nearly three days, Monica was unavailable to job-related on something else. Climate she would certainly spend nearly as much time installation the applications on every computer.

Monica is the just IT expert at Fabrikam, which method that she also must assist teach users around the brand-new operating system. Therefore, the is vital that she minimizes the amount of time she safety on deployment. To accomplish this, Monica choose to usage Windows Deployment Services due to the fact that she can:

Save time through running numerous installations simultaneously.

Use a practice install image with preinstalled applications.

Create photo by making use of the home windows Deployment solutions Image record Wizard.

To begin, Monica go the following:

Upgrades her server to windows Server 2008 R2, or home windows Server 2012 or home windows Server 2012 R2.

Installs the home windows Deployment services server role.

Adds the Boot.wim from the product DVD (which has a Windows PE image, Setup.exe, and also supporting files) by using the windows Deployment services MMC snap-in.

Adds the Install.wim indigenous the product DVD come the windows Deployment solutions server by utilizing the MMC snap-in.

Uses the MMC snap-in to create a catch image indigenous the boot photo she included in action 3. This image contains Windows PE and a wizard that will catch her custom picture into a .wim file.

All individuals at Fabrikam have the same desktop computer hardware, which to be purchased indigenous a solitary vendor. Come deploy a standard picture to the computers, Monica walk the following:

Boots a reference computer system from the network and also installs the Install.wim top top it, which includes the traditional version of Windows.

Installs Office, the company"s towel-design application, and also the latest vehicle drivers from the manufacturer’s site.

Uses Sysprep to generalize the operation system.

Reboots the computer system into the record image.

Uses the Image record Wizard come recapture the operation system and also upload it directly to the home windows Deployment solutions server.

Now, Monica is ready to download the new operating systems. She walk not must migrate any kind of user data, because all of the employees keep their user data top top a server (rather than on their hard disks). She reboots a client computer and then presses F12 to perform a network boot. This boots her into the Boot.wim file, which travel guide her with the surroundings process. She selects the decaying partition and image she wants, and also then the surroundings begins. While wait for the image to be applied to the an initial computer, Monica boots one more computer and starts the same procedure on the one.

Scenario two: The medium-sized business

Northwind Traders is a shipping firm with three offices: a central office in this City, and also branch workplaces in the communities of Brushville and also Flosston. Ron Gable is just one of six IT staff members at Northwind Traders. His duty is preserving the 250 client computers used by the company"s employees. These room mostly desktop computers, however the sales pressure uses laptop computers for client presentations. There room 200 computers in the central office in tooth City, and 25 each in the Brushville and Flosston offices. Every site has actually an internal network to run at 100 MB per 2nd (MBps), and also the branch website are connected to the this City office by a T1 line. Ron has actually three home windows Deployment services servers in ~ the this City office and one in every of the branch offices, which room administered remotely.

Ron’s supervisor has tasked him through deploying Windows 7 (or windows 8.1) come the whole company. Previously, this would certainly have associated many high value trips to Brushville and also Flosston, and also it would have actually taken Ron several weeks to complete. He wants to usage Windows Deployment solutions to deploy home windows remotely; however, firm policy dictates that there have the right to be just one DHCP server ~ above the this firm network, and this server is situated at the tooth City office. Remotely deploying images to the 50 computers at the branch offices would cause immense congestion on the connection.

Ron choose to use Windows Deployment Services since with unattended setup, that can:

Deploy home windows to computer systems at the branch sites without being physically current there.

Use his present replication solution to provide images to the branch website servers.

Use the network boot referral device to minimization network traffic between the branch sites and also the central office.

Ron prestages each customer computer and also assigns the ideal branch office server as the referral server because that each. This ensures that the customer downloads files and images from the local server, which minimizes web traffic on the line between the offices.

Ron has two conventional operating device configurations — one for the desktop computer computers and also one for laptops that has the sales presentations and drivers for projectors. Therefore, he builds two images: one v the desktop computer configuration, and also one v the laptop construction (with no applications). That stores every the user data on among the servers, so he have the right to deploy home windows without preserving any kind of existing data top top the client computers.

Ron offers Windows System picture Manager (Windows SIM) to writer two picture unattend papers — one for the desktop computers and one because that the laptops. These records automate the installation, so Ron does not should be present at each computer during the installation. They also automatically install Office and also the line-of-business applications that the agency uses for package tracking. He provides the home windows Deployment Services monitoring tools to associate the unattend files with the images.

Next, Ron configures home windows Deployment services so once a computer system is restarted, it will certainly boot native the network automatically and deploy the suitable image (without requiring the individuals to press F12). After ~ the image is used to each computer, the computer is automatically joined come the that company domain and also restarted. He also configures the deployment for this reason that as soon as the computer restarts, the computer system will not network boot unless F12 is pressed. This way, the computer system then boots come the difficult disk drive and also finishes the environment process. This avoids a boot loop, in which the computer would continue booting into Setup. Once the environment is completed, the computer is ready for the user to log on.

Scenario three: The large enterprise

Shu Ito is the network architect for wide World Importers, a big enterprise with 5,000 employee in offices almost everywhere the world. The major employee centers room in the unified States and Germany, and there are 13 branch workplaces in other countries. Shu has 5 servers easily accessible to the in the U.S. Hub, 2 in the German hub, and also one in each of the branch offices. The servers at the hubs are connected to the corporate Ethernet top top 1 Gbps network user interface cards (NICs); the other computer systems are on 100-MBps NICs. The hubs are connected by T3 lines, and the various other sites are linked by T1 lines. Every one of the servers are hired ~ above two-year leases.

Wide civilization Importers is instead of the audit department’s 200 computers with computer systems running Windows 7 (or windows 8.1). Shu would additionally like come deploy a home windows Server 2008 R2, home windows Server 2012 or home windows Server 2012 R2 picture to any type of newly leased servers in the U.S. Office. The servers in the German office and the branch sites are the obligation of the neighborhood administrators. Currently, deployments at broad World Importers space done by utilizing RIS, and also Shu wants to ensure that the currently computer building processes are preserved with the relocate to windows Deployment Services. In addition, that is vital that each computer system is deployed v an operating device in a language the is proper for the individuals in that nation or region.

Shu choose to usage Windows Deployment Services due to the fact that it allows him to execute the following:

Use ideal language package to minimize the required variety of images.

Manage every one of his home windows Deployment solutions servers indigenous a solitary computer.

Use multicast deployments to keep bandwidth while deploying pictures to many computer systems concurrently.

Write scripts to automate typical management tasks.

Shu upgrades his servers to windows Server 2008 R2, home windows Server 2012 or windows Server 2012 and also creates his images. The vast bulk of his deployments will certainly be in English or German, therefore he create Windows 7 (or windows 8.1) picture in each language. Various other languages will certainly be set up by using external language packs, and also applications will certainly be downloaded by utilizing Systems management Server (SMS). After producing the images, Shu uploads the images and also language package to the home windows Deployment solutions server.

Shu authors unattend documents with Windows SIM. He then uses document Replication organization (FRS) to copy the images, language packs, and unattend records to the windows Deployment services servers roughly the world. Of the accountancy computers used by wide World Importers, 150 are in the U.S. Office, 30 space in the German office, and the remaining 20 space scattered around the world. Shu offers multicasting come deploy to the 150 computers in the U.S. Office simultaneously. To perform this, he creates a multicast infection for the relevant photo on his home windows Deployment services server.

To preserve the state and also data on the previous computers, Shu offers the User State Migration tool (USMT) to save all of the data and also user configurations to a common folder ~ above the major Windows Deployment services server. Climate he sets increase each computer to boot from its regional Windows Deployment services server and to begin automated setup by using the unattend files. The computer systems in the U.S. Office will immediately join the multicast transmission, when the computers in the other workplaces will deploy utilizing unicasting. As soon as the surroundings is completed, Shu operation a job with USMT to move the user data to every computer.

When the lease ~ above a server expires and also the server is replaced, Shu can use home windows Deployment services to deploy his home windows Server photos in the same method that the performed the RIS deployment.

Scenario Four: A custom Deployment Using move Server

John Woods is the server maintain engineer in ~ the A. Datum corporation data center. The is responsible for keeping the 300 servers used by A. Datum Corporation"s significant customers. Among these client is Adventure Works.

Adventure Works offers 40 servers to run a career net site (which is donate by a database) because that circus performers. After ~ the relax of a popular film about circus life, Adventure functions expects boost in the use of their web site. Lock order 10 extr servers to take care of the guess traffic.

John wants to deploy operating systems to this servers by utilizing Windows Deployment Services. That does not have AD DS to run in this environment; he wants to keep the configuration details for his computer systems in a SQL Server database. Together a result, the cannot use the conventional Windows Deployment solutions solution. In addition, he wants to partition the disks in a traditional configuration and likewise copy data (some because that database servers, part for web servers) before the unattended setup begins. Man chooses to use Windows Deployment Services because he can:

Write a plug-in the reads construction data because that the computer systems from a data store other than AD DS (the data save is generally a database or a level file).

Write script (to operation in Windows PE) that execute preinstallation tasks and then call Setup to download the operation system.

John create 10 computer system accounts in his database because that his 10 brand-new servers, and he populates them v the compelled information. He installs the home windows Deployment services server function on his server (choosing come install just the transfer Server duty service). He climate writes a PXE provider (a plug-in the reads details from the database and passes that to windows Deployment Services) and registers it v the server. He creates a tradition boot photo that has Windows PE together with startup script to partition the disks and copy the data. Climate he provides ImageX to capture one that his currently servers as an install image.

After performing this initial tasks, man connects his servers come the network and boots them. They boot into Windows PE by using the configuration stored in the database. His scripts run to prepare each computer for deployment, and the scripts finish by to run ImageX to apply the operating system image on each computer.

Additional references

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