~ All the factions of middle Earth for you to fight for.

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~ Innovative shader use, however unseen in Mount and also Blade.

~ Specific battle system, made come fit Tolkien"s books and the world of center Earth

~ A huge number of custom do items - varying from fight gear to architecture.

~ Various races and creatures with their special abilities and also penalties.

~ All custom constructed settlement scenes - you"ll have the ability to visit most of her favourite locations.

~ Unique transforms to combat like race specific formations and also others.

~ General feel of Middle earth coming to life - be a captain the Rohan, one elven warrior, or a nasty orc marauder - you can decide what the result of the battle of the Ring will certainly be!

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Before commenting about crashes ensure the you"ve downloaded the latest variation from here. -- Don"t make Tolkien sad. “There is nothing favor looking, if you want to discover something. You certainly usually find something, if friend look, however it is not always quite the miscellaneous you to be after.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit
TLD 3.6 currently released for 1.011 & Warband | TLD 3.22 OSPOct 5 2017News 17 comment


A Tolkien-Based Total-Conversion Modification

for mount & blade Warband.



For Warband:

tldmod.github.io (up-to-date)

Steam Workshop (up-to-date)

sirhenryjones-museums.org (must it is in patched manually!)

For mount & blade 1.011

(not sustained anymore!)



In order come patch your video game to the recent version, use our constantly update Nightly Builds.

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