The critical Ship airs this evening on TNT with a new episode an all brand-new Sunday respectable 16, season 2 episode 10 dubbed “Friendly Fire”. We’ve got your recap down below! ~ above tonight’s episode, a suspicious fatality on the delivery leads Chandler come launch a murder investigation, dangerous order and also discipline ~ above the vessel.

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On the last illustration Chandler and also his team collection out to find supplies and materials for Dr. Scott’s lab, only to tangle v bounty hunters and the Immunes. Meanwhile, Rachel’s initiative to find a spreadable cure depended on the scientist who nearly erased mankind. Did you clock the critical episode? we recapped it all right right here for you.

On tonight’s illustration per the TNT synopsis “a suspicious death on the ship leads Chandler come launch a killing investigation, dangerous order and also discipline on the vessel. Meanwhile, Rachel works on a much more efficient cure, Alisha decodes one Immune message, and the ship heads to new Orleans.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last ship is walking to it is in great. You’re not going to want to miss out on a minute of the activity and we’ll be recapping that live because that you as well. If you’re wait for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell united state your thoughts around the show.

Tonight’s episode begins now – update Page frequently to gain the most existing updates!

#LastShip begins at a refugees camp through a young Rachel listening to she father refuse malaria treatment for her mother. They to be missionaries and he states it’s in God’s hands. Rachel carves up Niels’ organs and labels them climate stores them because that research. Tom comes earlier and tells Mike the for sure zone didn’t job-related out. Mike states Niels is dead and also they all said it to be a bad reaction come a blood transfusion. Mike thinks it’s fortunate. Tom comes to see Rachel and also she states the vaccinated blood donor’s blood eliminated Niels.

She claims she’s preserving his guts to make the many of it. She says they need to burn his corpse. Rachel tosses Niels’ glasses in the trash v the other bloody biological materials she’s dealing with. The prisoners they took are complaining as soon as Mike mirrors up and calls them dust bags and also says they’re foe combatants and they deserve to live the end their resides there for every he cares. He asks about the cell phones and says there’s naught on them – not also selfies. The asks why lock all had them ~ above them.

Mike says one of them will certainly break and also whoever desires to see the sunlight deserve to talk to him. Mike says to separation them up. Alisha speak the President and the team where the new Orleans refugees room off shore. Michener claims the arrangement was come have sufficient for 5,000-10,000 people. They room survivors no immunes as much as they know. Michener states Sean will come in search of them. Michener asks if they’ll have enough cure sheep from lock all however Tom claims they may be able to drop it on them.

Rachel works and has flashbacks of death Niels. The various other doc asks why she’s not functioning on the aerosol. She says Niels made her think that the cure could be contagious. She states they may have the ability to re-engineer the virus come spread. The asks just how he deserve to help. Andrea and also Miller space talking about Niels’ death. He states after Rachel readjusted the IV bag, the bled the end like people who have the virus. Andrea reports come Mike and also Tom that everyone says Niels was getting far better until that last IV bag.

Andrea leaves and Tom speak Mike they should conduct this investigation carefully. Andrea comes right into the lab and also asks Bertrise and Rachel to action apart. They need to collect everything associated with his death. They take part things and Rachel casually closes her computer. Michener is on the leg listening to new Orleans chatter. Kara shows Tom there are 50 or therefore vessels and also they wonder whereby the Ramsays and also their sub is due to the fact that they haven’t spotted it.

Wolf and also Burke talk about what they must do through the prisoners. Ravit come in and says she has to shower due to the fact that the women’s water is out. Wolf actions out – Burke says he’s walk to finish shaving. Ravit check him out then renders sure no one else is there. She asks if this is the ar where people have sex and also he claims it’s against regulation. He claims Kara is pregnant and Burke says they’ve both to be punished. Ravit gets yes, really close and also he claims no sex. She says it’s a shame world follow the rules.

He states they’ll be in new Orleans soon. She walks away and also pulls off she shirt and says if there’s no sex, he requirements to gain out. Rafe speak to some various other guys and also they wonder who killed Niels. They suspect it’s Rachel that did that in. Rafe is in engineering and also the guys inspect out the phones. Lock spot a game they’re using. It’s a text message app disguised together a video game that works v blue tooth. They show to Tom just how it works. It’s encrypted and also only works within 90 yards indigenous the following phone.

One that the prisoners, Flea, is lugged to talk to Tom and also Michener. Tom states they told that he’s the smart one. Tom present Michener as the President. Flea claims he’s checked out his videos and also Tom asks about the phones. Tom states he’s going to swing because that killing the kid. Michener says to tell him just how the code works and also he can concern a pardon. Rachel speak Mike this is ridiculous. She says she talked to Andrea and he states it’s protocol. She asks if Tom is mindful of this Mike states he bespeak it.

She asks to talk to Tom and he claims that’s a breach that protocol. Rachel claims she’s ~ above the verge the a breakthrough and also he’s wasting time. Mike claims to protect against wasting time. That asks her as soon as Niels took a revolve for the worse. Andrea tells Mike they discovered an IV bag in the rubbish that’s suspect. She says Milowsky is clear due to the fact that he was in the mess and he’s working up what was in it. Mike tells Tom and Michener the they’re pretty clean on Rachel swapping the end the IV bags.

Michener asks Tom if he’s certain. Rachel comes to see Milowsky who has her laptop. She asks why he has it. He claims he experienced Niels’ NA through bursting scars. That asks if she placed DNA scissors right into his bloodstream. He claims she put them every under suspicion. He states he’s under strictly orders no to be in call with her and tells her to take her computer and also go. He claims all fingers point to her even without this evidence. He claims if she’s going to perform what he think she will, he says she best do it soon.

He says they’ll lock her the end of the laboratory soon. Andrea speak to Tom once Rachel go by. She goes to her lab in a hurry and gets to work. She mixes up a batch of something and injects it into her arm. Then she gets one of the mice and also blows top top it. She watches the time closely.

Rachel thinks ago to her father praying over she mother’s dead human body – dead of malaria. The doctor talked come Rachel and says she to know she’s angry and also says she need to use the anger to change things and also fight for what she believes. Rachel the town hall the mouse she infected and also waits. Tex mirrors up and says they’re acquiring close to brand-new Orleans and asks if she wants a souvenir. She states she’s been avoiding her due to the fact that the hesitation started. The asks if she’s okay and also she says yeah.

She asks if he’s going come ask her the question everyone else has. Tex states no one would certainly be over there if the wasn’t because that her and also says he wouldn’t adjust a thing around her. He says she’s ruthless and that’s why they’re alive. Miller and also O’Conor report to Tom and Mike that the crew was giving them swag and also they tell lock the crew thinks they notified Niels’ fatality or condoned it. Rachel involves see Tom at his request. He asks around her progress. Rachel says she has a brand-new plan.

She states she secluded the contagion in Niels’ lungs and put it right into the vaccine. She says she placed it into herself one hour back and breathed right into an infected mouth choose he offered to do to spread out the illness. She says if the works, she can breathe the cure onto people and so deserve to anyone she injects with it. She says their troubles will it is in solved. Tom asks if she go it and also Rachel claims Niels killed 5 million civilization including his wife and the crews’ family. She says she walk it and would carry out it again.

She states she waited until Tom left for this reason he wouldn’t have blood on his hands. Tom asks if she knows just how he keeps the crew with each other – he says every routine reminds castle what they execute matters and they are still that they are. Rachel states she walk what to be right and also he claims that’s not her decision. She says Niels to be a monster that stole everything from her and says he nearly destroyed the person race and also says she could have excellent what she necessary without killing him.

She says but when she watched the virus damage him and also watched his critical noxious breath leave his body all she could think was the he died too quickly. Rachel to walk out. Tom speak Michener the Rachel confessed and also they confined she to quarters. Tom claims she found the cure and it would certainly be a miracle if she do the healing airborne. Tom says many of the crew want her pardoned. Michener asks what he’ll do and Tom says he hasn’t decided yet.

Miller, Tex, and some others space out v Flea scouting the new Orleans fleet. Flea states he obtained a message and also they phone call him come decode the or he’s off the side. Danny and also the rather all push him. He claims the message says “they’re hear.” castle radio back and Danny claims the immunes recognize they’re there. The ship slows to halt and also they check out the new Orleans fleet – or what was the fleet go up in a series of fiery explosions. Climate a torpedo comes at them. They take it evasive maneuvers.

The below was currently in brand-new Orleans and also hiding under the ships. They comment on firing on it yet Michener says they can’t fire in instance there space civilians in the water. An ext torpedos coming at them. They begin firing to move the torpedoes come target turn off of them. They gain all but one and take a hit. Alisha reports the hull is intact. Danny reports there space survivors in the water – they want to help but the ship can’t support them. Tom claims they can’t go ago with the sub. Then the sub hails them.

Tom bring away the call – Sean asks if he appreciated the fireworks and also Tom states he just killed 10,000 civilians to their deaths and also says to come out of hiding. Sean states the variety of his opponents is around to multiply. The cell phone activates. Lock videoed the Nathan James firing and also edited the to do it look prefer the James fired on brand-new Orleans. A logo appears that states Valkyrie and they questioning Michener if the knows who that is. He claims he doesn’t know.

Rachel reports back to Tom she made a transmittable cure. She claims she can provide everyone who has been vaccinated a booster. She claims everyone they fulfill will get the cure and also it will certainly spread favor the usual cold. Tom claims it’s an excellent news. Rachel states she didn’t mean him to it is in happy and Tom clarifies what he simply saw take place in new Orleans and says the whole country thinks they’re the enemy. He claims without Niels to put in prior of the world, that can’t hit the propaganda.

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Rachel states she’s i m really sorry he’s in this position. Tom says she’s enabled to perform her job and then she’s restricted to quarters and can’t walk anyplace communal top top the ship. He claims he can’t sentence her for her crimes at sea and also he will turn her end to civilian authorities come answer for her crimes. She asks if this is what he wants and he claims none that this is around what that wants. She to walk out.