“The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara, is a short story around a girl who is learning around the financial inequality that exists v her teacher, miss out on Moore, who tries to difficulty her cynical perspective ~ above life. This story emphasize the main character, Sylvia’s, intense need for control. One significant personality trait that this character has actually is her strong-willed nature. She is established to make her very own decisions and is no willing to listen to anybody but herself. Sylvia also is constantly displaying this require for control by her surly attitude and fierce disposition transparent the entire quick story. She deserve to become very vulgar and also rude come anyone the is above her and also expresses this v her harsh words. Furthermore, she is likewise very crucial and referee to her peers and the authority number in she life. Overall, Sylvia’s strong-willed, surly, and judgmental disposition emphasizes her intense need to be in regulate of her life.Sylvia is a very strong-willed character that is constantly striving to make her own decisions. When miss Moore is questioning the kids if they understand what real money is Sylvia allows the teacher know that she is worn down of this. She claims that she would rather wreak havoc on the West Indian kids, and suggests that they go to the subway wherein it is cooler. This display screens Sylvia’s independence and also determination despite the truth that the teacher is in reality in charge. She is constantly resisting authority since she desires to call every one of the shots. This trait persists throughout the story. After a lengthy day of looking at grossly overpriced toys, Sylvia says, “Ain’t nobody gonna to win me at nuthin”. By saying this, the main character is expressing that she is not going to resolve with being negative or considered less than that that the civilization who have the right to afford to shop in the overpriced store. Conclusively, Sylvia’s strong determination and inability to follow authority provides her feel choose she is in control.

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Sylvia is also really surly throughout the whole of the story. She is constantly obtaining fired up at her teacher, miss Moore. For example, once she asks one more student if she has any type of school offers at home, Sylvia it s okay angry. She thinks to herself, “She understand damn fine what our residences look like cause she nosys around in them every opportunity she gets”. This reflects that she is really sensitive around being judged on exactly how much money she family and community has. An additional example of her negative tempered demeanor is when she asks miss Moore a question but in she head she says, “I never ever talk come her, ns wouldn’t provide the bitch the satisfaction”. She is vulgar once it concerns how she really thinks of miss Moore. To sum it up, the vulgarity and surly nature that Sylvia shows just how she resents being told what come do and also will not allow others to make decisions for her.Finally, the main character is really judgmental to the people around her since she doesn’t prefer change. For example, when miss Moore first moves into town Sylvia is put out by it. She says, “and quite normally we laugh at her, laugh the method we did in ~ the junk guy who went about his business like he to be some big time president and also his i m really sorry ass equine his secretary”. She likewise goes on to say, “and we kinda hated her too, hated the way we walk the winos that cluttered up our parks and also pissed on our handball walls and also stank up our hallways and also stairs therefore you can not halfway pat hide-and-seek without a goddamn gas mask”. She is an extremely unaccepting that anything brand-new and different. This can mean the she feels endangered by miss Moore due to the fact that she could skew the route she desires to take. A brand-new authoritative number is not something that Sylvia feel is necessary since she desires to decision what is ideal for her, and also a nosy teacher is not part of she plan.Bambara create a straightforward story in she narrative, “The Lesson,” that expresses everybody’s desire to develop their very own destiny. This universal template is expressed v the main character, Sylvia. However, Sylvia appears to lug this out in interesting and sometimes questionable ways. The 3 main features that this story expresses is Sylvia’s strong-willed, surly, and judgmental nature. Because that example, the main character is an extremely resistant towards miss Moore since she is unwilling to listen to anyone however herself. She likewise expresses she feelings in a really vulgar, surly way. Additionally, she frequently uses profanity to express she distaste towards her teacher. Finally, Sylvia is really judgmental towards anything brand-new that comes into her life, and she lashes the end by criticising every aspect of the change.

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Overall, Syliva is strong willed, surly, and judgmental and also she behaves this way because she is established to create the life she wants, also if she is not making the best choices.
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