The Mamas were due to represent Sweden at this year’s Eurovision Song contest in Rotterdam v their song “Move”.

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the gospel, that soulful, and also it’s already hit the height spot in the swedish charts.

The Mamas – that’s Loulou Lamotte, Ashley Haynes and Dinah Yonas Manna – were chosen to stand for Sweden by win Melodifestivalen 2020, the country’s national an option show. It to be a chop finish, castle beat Dotter’s “Bulletproof” by just one point.

Now, we’ve compiled 10 facts you must know around The Mamas. Let’s carry out this!

Sweden at Eurovision 2020: Facts about The Mamas

1. They room an global trio

Not just Sweden can claim The Mamas as its own, so can two other countries: the USA and Eritrea. Ashley (32) is a Washington D.C. Native, while Malmö born Loulou (38) is the American descent. Meanwhile, Stockholm’s Dinah (37) is proud of she Eritrean background.

2. There was a 4th Mama

The eagle-eyed among you will know that there to be originally 4 Mamas. The group’s starting member Paris Renita left in august 2019 to focus on her solo work. Speak to in ~ Melodifestivalen, the 3 ladies confirmed that ~ above Paris’ departure, their administration asked if they wanted to uncover a replacement. However all three responded in unison — “no, we’re good”! Loulou explains: “Because we’ve been functioning so intensely together, we obtained to recognize each other. And having a new member, after being for six months, ns think it would certainly be hard for the brand-new member and it would certainly be hard for us”. There room no plans for Paris come return — “she is doing she thing”.

The Mamas' Mama Paris Renita! ??? ours founder, sister and fellow Mama has actually chosen to step down native the team after the upcoming loss tour with John, due to her own solo assignments colliding with The Mamas’ calendar. We will constantly cherish the wonderful memories, experiences and also shenanigans the four of us have had!??? We’re so grateful to have one critical adventure together as we tourism Scandinavia in October. Climate The Mamas will proceed on in the spirit of Mama P and we are an extremely much looking front to our following chapter together a threesome! lot Love, The Mamas .?????????

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3. Lock came fifth at Eurovision 2019

Well, sort of. The Mamas to be the backing singers because that the 2019 sweden act, man Lundvik. Castle were very popular, so much so that the act was regularly referred to together “John Lundvik and the Mamas”. They played a an essential role in both the music and the staging that the song “Too Late for Love”, which achieved a height five complete on the scoreboard in Tel Aviv.

Ashley explains how that all occurred — “We were just doing a gig. We’re all skilled singers and singing background to be something that I know I did professionally because that a lengthy time. And for united state it wasn’t in the arrangement for united state to it is in a group”. However, they worked so well together that they made decision to continue as a group. “It to be a match made in heaven”, claims Dinah.

4. Loulou is no stranger come Melodifestivalen

Loulou appeared as a backing vocalist, alongside fellow Swedish star Oscar Zia, because that rapper Behrang Miri’s “Jalla Dansa Sawa” (Come On and Dance Together) at Melodifestivalen 2013. Unfortunately for the dynamic trio, Behrang failed come qualify because that the cool final, shedding out to Anton Ewald’s “Begging” in the Andra Chansen battles. Nonetheless, the track was a graph hit, peaking in ~ four and staying within the optimal 100 for 14 weeks.

5. Ashley knows once to take a gamble

During Melodifestivalen 2019, Ashley operated at a speak to centre in Washington D.C. However, once her agency refused to provide her time turn off to carry out at the cool final, she took a gamble, and quit her job! She called Aftonbladet: “I refuse to miss out on this opportunity”. The gamble certainly paid off, together Ashley now lives in Sweden, working full time as a singer.

6. Castle love Disney

So lot so, that The Mamas’ very first single together a team was a covering of “When You wish Upon A Star” indigenous Disney’s “Pinocchio”. The song was component of a compilation album licensed has been granted We Love Disney. Don’t we all! Reviewing the release, ours William created — “Their vocal prowess really involves the fore v this intimate and soft Christmas number, and it already has us dreaming that laying out cookies for Santa and his reindeer”.

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7. Rylan Clark-Neal won’t be offering them a background again

At Eurovision 2020 in Tel Aviv, british TV presenter and also UK commentator Rylan Clark-Neal began a pop-up taxi service, inviting The Mamas follow me for a ride come the arena. Their brief taxi ride finished rather unexpectedly, v Rylan kicking them the end of his taxi!

8. The Mamas room mamas

Their surname rings true, together both Loulou and Dinah are proud parents. Castle state for this reason in their Instagram bios, and also all 3 of the Mamas on regular basis keep united state updated top top their family lives via social media.

“I believe the kids are our are future Teach lock well and also let them command the means Show them all the beauty they possess inside provide them a sense of pride to make it less complicated Let the children's laughter remind us exactly how we offered to be” ??? ?: