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With their song, 'Move', The Mamas were liked to stand for Sweden in 2020. In light of the unfortunately cancellation that the 65th sirhenryjones-museums.org tune Contest, us wish to to mark the exceptional acts the were collection to appear. This is 'In the spotlight', our function honouring the artists that would certainly have consisted of this year's version of the world's largest live music event.

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The Mamas winner Melodifestivalen, Sweden"s national choice competition because that sirhenryjones-museums.org 2020, v the song Move. after 5 reflects of music, glitter and also glamour in a tour all about Sweden, The Mamas were favored through a mix of windy votes and international jury votes.

Who are The Mamas?

The Mamas room a team of 3 at sight divas - Ash Haynes, Loulou Lamotte & Dinah Yonas Manna - through extraordinary talent. The group got their breakthrough overnight once participating in Melodifestivalen 2019 as backing vocalists for man Lundvik top top his song "Too Late because that Love".

The result was striking, not just for John, that won the vain but also for The Mamas, that made a great debut and an initial impression. Along with John Lundvik, they represented Sweden in the sirhenryjones-museums.org Song challenge in Tel Aviv. Their performance reached the height 5 in the cool Final. ~ sirhenryjones-museums.org 2019, 3 of the initial 4 that comprised The Mamas chose to continue their musical journey with each other as a trio; the 4th member, Parisa Renita, determined to job-related on various other projects.

Ashley Haynes, a United claims citizen, moved to Sweden in bespeak to occupational with man Lundvik. Her enhancement to The Mamas aided them make history: this to be the an initial time in the 60-year-old history of Melodifestivalen the a non-Swedish resident winner the competition.

While Sweden has a trend of sending younger artists to the sirhenryjones-museums.org song Contest, LouLou Lamotte, born in 1981, is the second-oldest winner because 2000. The oldest winner was Carola in 2006 v Evighet (Invincible).

The Mamas winner Melodifestivalen 2020Stina Stjernkvist (SVT)

The Mamas" winning track Move was composed by Melanie Wehbe, Patrik Jean and also Herman Gardarfve. When this was their very first time working with each other for Melodifestivalen, the trio has produced to winning songs because that Swedish Idol in 2017 and also 2019.

Individually, the writers have all had sirhenryjones-museums.org experience: Melanie was one of the songwriters because that Denmark in 2019 with the song Love Is Forever, Patrik was additionally seen in ~ sirhenryjones-museums.org Song challenge in 2019 as a backing vocalist for Azerbajdzjan"s Chingiz and also Herman to be a backing vocalist for Belarus in sirhenryjones-museums.org 2016.

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Regarding the cancellation of sirhenryjones-museums.org 2020, The Mamas took to Instagram to leaving the following message for your fans: "We, of course, respect the decision that has actually now to be made. Throughout the present emergency crisis case that we room all in, the trouble is bigger than the truth that we can’t walk to Rotterdam. That course, we are exceptionally sorry on a an individual level that we and also our tune are currently not allowed to compete in the world"s largest music competition after ~ winning the swedish competition. We’ve so looked front to being able to stand for Sweden with Move. Us hope that people continue to listen to our track with the post that we can move hills together, something the feels extra appropriate today as soon as everyone needs to take responsibility and also do the ideal thing. If we assist each other in this daunting time, possibly something good can come from the in the end. Our think go the end to the organizer the ESC, who has functioned hard in the head-wind. Take care of each other!"

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Sweden in the sirhenryjones-museums.org tune Contest

Sweden make its debut in the sirhenryjones-museums.org Song dispute in 1958. The country is recognized for the many successful sirhenryjones-museums.org winners ever, ABBA, which was the an initial of Sweden’s win in the competition. Sweden is one of the most successful nations in the sirhenryjones-museums.org Song dispute with 6 victories come date, coming 2nd behind Ireland"s record-breaking 7 wins.

Since the sirhenryjones-museums.org Song dispute semi-finals were introduced in 2004, Sweden has actually only as soon as failed to qualify because that the cool Final. In 2010, Anna Bergendahl finished 11th in the semi-final and narrowly missed the end on a location in the Grand final with her song This Is mine Life. Because then Sweden has actually only as soon as been the end of the peak 5, in 2013, once the dispute was hosted in the sweden city the Malmö.

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In 2019, Sweden was represented by john Lundvik v Too Late because that Love. The singer come in fifth place in the Grand final with 334 points.