The man in the Moon come Down also Soon

Nursery Rhyme

The guy in the moon come down also soonTo inquire the way to Norridge;The male in the South, he burnt his mouthWith eat cold plum porridge.

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The man in the moon came down as well soonTo inquire the way to Norridge;The guy in the South, he burned his mouthWith eat cold plum porridge.



Here"s a sport of this rhyme native The Nursery rhyme Book:THE man in the moon,Came tumbling down,And ask"d his means to Norwich,He went by the south,And burnt his mouthWith supping cold pease-porridge.You can find practically the very same rhyme v the an initial two and last two lines reversed under the surname " The guy of the south He burned His Mouth".Here"s the variation from The Real mom Goose (1916):The guy in the Moon come tumbling down,And request the method to Norwich;He go by the south, and burnt his mouthWith eat cold pease porridge.Here"s a slightly different version native The little Mother Goose (1912), depicted by Jessie Willcox Smith:The man in the moonCame tumbling down,And request the way to Norwich.He went by the South,And he burnt his mouth,With eat cold pease porridge.Here"s an additional old rhyme about the man in the moon native Holton-Curry Readers, Volume 2 (1914):The man in the Moon together he sails the sky,Is a really remarkable skipper; yet he do a mistake once he tried to takeA drink that milk native the Dipper. He dipped it into the Milky Way,And slowly and also carefully filled it; The large Bear growled, and also the tiny Bear howled,And fear him so that he spilled it!





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