Facial trauma is one injury the the face. It may encompass the face bones such together the upper jaw bone (maxilla).

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Alternative Names

Maxillofacial injury; Midface trauma; face injury; LeFort injuries


Facial injuries can influence the top jaw, lower jaw, cheek, nose, eye socket, or forehead. They might be resulted in by blunt pressure or be the result of a wound.

Common reasons of injury come the challenge include:

Car and motorcycle crashesWounds sporting activities injuriesViolence


Symptoms may include:

Changes in feeling over the faceDeformed or uneven challenge or facial bonesDifficulty breathing through the nose because of swelling and also bleedingDouble visionMissing teethSwelling or bruising approximately the eyes that may cause vision problems

Exams and Tests

The health care provider will carry out a physical exam, which may show:

Bleeding indigenous the nose, eyes, or mouthNasal blockageBreaks in the skin (lacerations)Bruising roughly the eye or widening of the distance in between the eyes, which may mean injury come the bones between the eye socketsChanges in vision or the activity of the eyesImproperly to adjust upper and lower teeth

The adhering to may imply bone fractures:

Abnormal feel on the cheekIrregularities of the challenge that have the right to be feeling by touchingMovement the the upper jaw when the head is still

A CT scan of the head and also bones of the face may be done.


Surgery is done if the injury prevents normal to work or reasons a significant deformity.

The goal of treatment is to:

Control bleedingCreate a clear airwayTreat the fracture and fix broken bone segments protect against scars, if possiblePrevent long-term twin vision or sunken eyes or cheek bonesRule out other injuries

Treatment should be excellent as quickly as possible if the human is stable and also does not have a neck fracture.

Outlook (Prognosis)

Most world do really well with suitable treatment. Much more surgery may be needed in 6 come 12 months to correct alters in appearance.

Possible Complications

Complications may include:

BleedingUneven faceInfectionBrain and also nervous system problemsNumbness or weaknessLoss the vision or double vision

When to call a medical Professional

Go to the emergency room or speak to the neighborhood emergency number (such together 911) if you have a severe injury to your face.


Wear seat belts while driving.

Use safety head gear when doing work or activities that can injure the face.


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