My girlfriend told me that his acceleration phone has actually been disconnected due to the fact that he didn't pay the dues. The point is as soon as I tried to contact him, the first time, it rang because that a while, then cut to the message: The person you have dubbed is unavailable best now, please shot again later. The second time ns called, it simply went straight to that message. My inquiry is:

1). When I to be calling him, is that receiving my call, prefer does he know who's calling?

2). Why didn't that ring the 2nd time, walk it median he is declining to receive that call?

3). Once you're sprint phone has actually been disconnected, can you still check out who calls, who texts, etc.?

I simply need to recognize if my friend is informing the truth or if he's just avoiding me.. Thanks for helping.

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Adam proved answer

It method that u gotta avoid worrying, relax , and wait till wednesday once things will work out for the finest ;p hint hint

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Ẩn danh

My friend died in May. Today, ns looked at her name on my phone, I called to watch if she voice was still there. I got this message. RIP LORI. I miss you.

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