From the note Twain task comes a freshly educated look in ~ Twain’s controversial Civil battle story “The Private background of a project That Failed.” two decades after Appomattox, Twain released a very fictionalized account that his two-week insignificant in the Confederate Army. Ostensibly this said what the did (or, in his own words, why the “didn’t do anything”) in the war; but the article was criticized as disingenuous, and also it did tiny to resolve a farming curiosity about the nature that his quick military service. The facility political case in Missouri throughout the beforehand months that the war and also Twain’s genius because that transforming life right into fiction have tended come obstruct historic understanding the “The exclusive History”; interpretations the Samuel Clemens’s enthusiasm enlistment, sedulous avoidance that combat, and abandonment of the rebellion have actually ranged native condemnation to celebration. Aided by Twain’s notes and correspondence—transcribed and published below for the first time—Benjamin Griffin of UC Berkeley’s note Twain Project offers a brand-new and cogent analysis, particularly of Clemens’s multiple revisions that his own war experience. A requirement for any Twain bookshelf, Mark Twain’s civil War sheds irradiate on a an excellent writer’s changeable and difficult position on the deadliest of American conflicts.

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Mark Twain

Mark twain (1835–1910) is widely recognized as one of the best writers in American history. Two publications featuring his work, Mark Twain’s san Francisco and Mark Twain’s civil War, are easily accessible from Heyday.

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Benjamin Griffin

Benjamin Griffin is an editor in ~ the mark Twain Project. A native of Berkeley, he to be educated in ~ the university of California and also at Cambridge University. He specialization in note Twain and in the theory and also practice of scholarly editing.

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