The Story that the Red Baron as Told through Manfred Von Richthofen himself Length: 2 hrs and also 45 mins Unabridged Audiobook

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Manfred von Richthofen (1892 - 1918), additionally widely known as the legendary Red Baron, to be a German fighter pilot v the royal German military Air business during civilization War I. The is thought about the ace the aces of that war, gift officially credited with 80 air combat victories, much more than any other pilot. The Red Baron only wrote one book, his "autobiography", Der Rote Kampfflieger. This was composed on the instructions of the German military Press and Intelligence (i.e. Propaganda) section of the German army Air Service. This publication was written just prior to he to be killed, and it details his meteoric climb from a cavalryman to one of the most renowned fighter pilots of every time.


Narration to be rushed

The narrator essential to pause an ext at the finish of each section and also then after giving the location of the following section. It every ran together.

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Narration is rushed

Narration is rushed, no emotion, sound robotic. Can have used much more color. The story was amazing though.

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The Red Fighter Pilot

This book offers a unique, first-hand account of the life that Von Richthofen.The structure of the book is much more like a diary and includes the occasions he valued most. Few of these occasions are grand battles, and others are more personal events that meant little in the grand scheme of WWI but that the valued nonetheless. There are multiple sections wherein he created at length about different airplanes and also their ability - his passion and excitement really confirmed in just how he composed these sections.In plenty of ways, this book reminds me the there was an actual person being behind the legend that the Red Barron.

Insights right into the Red Baron

together a pilot, I found the thoughts and personal notes fascinating indigenous the height fighter pilot and ace of world War 1 with 80 plane down. His background and also how he gained into the Imperial military Aviation Corp was informative. He was an observer, top top the Russians front and was flying, for almost a year, prior to learning how to fly. His time with the greatest pilot, the his time, Oswald Boelcke, and the influence he had actually on Rickthofen made that a much better fighter pilot. Although a short book, it to be an abbreviated auto biography and also a should read for historians studying the wait war between 1915-1917.

Compelling and also Prescient

Richthofen gift a distinctive perspective that a warrior who is operating in a then nascent facet of warfare. Back the reading of this intriguing story lacks enunciation and is quite flat, the performance does no take far from the legendary tales or indigenous the insightful think Richthofen supplies of conflict and also aeronautic development.

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ice Water in the Veins

The written narrative through Richthofen is choppy and in some places disconnected--but what do you expect? he wasn"t a writer and his superiors ordered the to put something down for use as propaganda. He decided to write around some personal memories the the war as much as that time. That is odd to hear lock in his very own words. What strikes a reader/listener this particular day is just how matter-of-fact Richthofen was about death and also dying. The was all fatalism there is no of emotion. One wonders how much was training and also war experiences as opposed to an individual attributes? The human-ness of who he was killing doesn"t it seems ~ to have bothered him, nor space deaths the his own comrades associated with any type of emotion. The autobiography by the great French ace, Rene Fonck, has some of these qualities, return Fonck was a vengeance killer if Richthofen was not. Soon after publishing his publication Richthofen was wounded in the head and survived. Worth listening to if you understand who the Red Baron was.

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