A(n) ________ is a arsenal of data arranged in a way that allows access, retrieval, and also use of the data.

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Database monitoring SystemAccess is a ________.
recordA(n) ________ consists of information around a given person, product, or event.
fieldA(n)________ consists of a specific piece of details within a record.
primaryA field that unique identifies a details record in a table is called a _______ key.
datasheetIn _______ view, a table is stood for as a arsenal of rows and columns.
form______ view display screens a solitary record at a time.
redundancy______ way storing the same reality in much more than one place.
recordsThe rows in the tables are called ______.
data typeA ________ indicates the form of data that have the right to be save on computer in a field.
queryA _______ is simply a inquiry presented in a means Access have the right to process.
criteriaA ________ is a condition that the documents to be contained in a query must satisfy.
asteriskA(n) ________ wildcard prize represents any type of collection of characters.
question markA(n) _________ wildcard price represents any individual character.
grouping________ way creating teams of documents that re-publishing some typical characteristics.
datasheet or formYou can readjust or edit records only in ________ view
layoutChanging a pillar width transforms the ________ that a table
crosstabA _______ calculates a statistic because that data that is grouped by 2 different species of information.
join lineA ________ is a heat that accessibility draws between matching fields in two tables.
criterionIn a query, a _________ is a problem the documents to be contained must satisfy.
identity theft______ a crime in i m sorry an imposter obtains key pieces of an individual information, such as Social protection number, in order to impersonate someone else.
search engines_________ are substantial databases of net page papers that have actually been assembled immediately by machine
google or ask_____ is an instance of a search engine
spidersSearch engines compile their databases by use ________ or "robots" ("bots") to crawl through web space from connect to link, identifying and also perusing pages.
best meansA agree for using search engines is ______ of searching the web.
thousands that responsesA con for find engines is the return that _______to a straightforward search request.
topThe goal of search engines is come return the many relevant pages at the ___ of your lists.
metasearch engine_______ administer a quick way of finding out which engines room retrieving the ideal results for you in your search.
Dogpile or mamma______ are instances of metasearch engines.
subject directories_____ are created and maintained by human editors.
beaucoup or looksmart______are examples of topic directories.
world wide webWWW stands for _______.
invisible web___ is a big portain of the internet that find engines spiders can not index.
educationThe domain .edu stands for ______ sites.
commercial businessThe domain .com represents _____ sites.
U.S. GovernmentalThe domain .gov represents ____ sites.
networksThe domain .net represents ___ sites.
U.S. Non-profit organizationsThe domain .org represents _____ sites.
stop words____ are words that many search engines DON'T protect against for once searching texts and titles top top the web.
plus signUse _______ in front of indigenous to pressure their consists in searchers
minus signUse ______ in former of indigenous to force their exemption in searchers
quotation marksUse ______ roughly phrases to ensure they space searched exacting together is, through the words next by side in the same order.
lowercaseType keywords and also phrases in ______ to uncover both lower and also upper situation versions.
boolean logic______ is a system of logic designed come produce better search outcomes by formulating precise queries.
NOTAND, OR, and _____ are examples of Boolean logic operators.
404-File no foundThis article _______ speak you that the record you seek has been moved, removed, or renamed.
Server ErrorThis blog post ____ tells you the server you are attempting to contact may be offline, may have crashed, or might be really busy.
ShortKeep emails _____--do not intimidate recipients through too lot text.
subject lineIn emails, the an essential to obtaining your messages review is to compose a perfect ________.
Current antivirus softwareMake certain you are not dispersing worms and also viruses via email or act as a vehicle for spreading spam by using ________.
huge attachmentsIn emails, ask before you send _____ so you execute not clog up your email.
one subjectIn emails, shot to talk about _____ per message to help make it much less confusing.
acronymsIn emails, usage ______ sparingly because not everybody to know what anyone stands for and also they carry out not save that lot time anyway.
All CapsIn emails, writing in ______ is prefer shouting.
inputExamples of ______ devices are keyboards, mouse, microphone, and scanner.
outputExamples of ____ tools are monitor, printer, projector, and speakers.
spyware_____ is computer system software the is secretly mounted onto your computer as you surf the internet.
computer virus___ is a small software program that is intended come spread type one computer system to another to interfere through the procedure of her computer.
wormA ____ sends copies of itself by method of a computer system network i m sorry in turn harms the network.
trojan horseA_____ is a file that shows up to it is in harmless but in truth it has actually disguised chin in hopes that a user will open the regimen releasing its harmful effects..
cyberbullying______ sending out or posting harmful or cruel text or images using the internet or other communication devices.
e-mail____ allows people come send message from their computer to any type of other computer in the world.
emoticons___ are animated deals with that express different emotions you send in e-mails, chat, and also instant messaging.
hacker_____ is someone that accesses computer information one of two people legally or illegally.
mouse trapping___ is a technique used by pornography sites wherein a user gets locked in a net site.
phishing___ is an digital scam that supplies e-mail come fish because that users' private details by imitating legitimate companies.
spam____ is unwanted e-mail from someone you carry out not know.
personal informationTo store safe on the Internet, you have to not re-publishing _________ such as complete name or mailing address.
do no respondIn keeping safe on the Internet, _________ to any kind of online interaction that provides you feel uncomfortable, scared, or confused.
do not meetTo stay safe utilizing the Internet, ________ anyone online without mentioning it through parents or guardians--since this is the biggest danger to your safety.
Re:___ is the subject of the email which should be placed by you and one the the 9 crucial parts of one email.
salutation____ is the greeting at the height of the email which is just one of the 9 vital parts of an email.
discussion boardA(n) _______ is a device which enables groups to interact online.
plagiarism___ is a item of composing that has been duplicated from someone else and also is presented together being your very own work.
picnik.com___ is photo editing online which enables you to use effects to your photos.
bitBetween a jpeg and bit format, the ___ files are bigger due to the fact that every component in the picture is mapped.
domain_____ are provided in url's to identify certain web pages.

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netiquette_____ defines the rules for online actions especially in newsgroups, forums and chat rooms.
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