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Date:1770 - 1790 ...(Show more)Context:Jean-Jacques Rousseau...(Show more)Key People:Johann Wolfgang von GoetheJakob Michael Reinhold LenzFriedrich SchillerChristian Friedrich Daniel SchubartFriedrich Leopold, Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg...(Show more)

Sturm und Drang, (German: “Storm and also Stress”), German literary motion of the late 18th century the exalted nature, feeling, and also human individualism and sought to overthrow the knowledge cult that Rationalism. Goethe and also Schiller began their careers as prominent members that the movement.

The exponents of the Sturm und Drang were profoundly influenced by the thought of Rousseau and also Johann Georg Hamann, who hosted that the an easy verities of visibility were to it is in apprehended v faith and also the endure of the senses. The young writers also were affected by the works of the English poet Edward Young, the pseudo-epic city of James Macpherson’s “Ossian,” and the recently interpreted works of Shakespeare.


The Sturm und Drang (“Storm and also Stress”) movement, through its emphasis on feeling and individualism, has frequently been described...

Sturm und Drang was intimately connected with the young Goethe. If a student at Strasbourg, he made the acquaintance of Johann Gottfried von Herder, a former pupil of Hamann, that interested the in Gothic architecture, German individual songs, and Shakespeare. Motivated by Herder’s ideas, Goethe embarked ~ above a period of especially creativity. In 1773 he released a beat based top top the 16th-century German knight, Götz von Berlichingen, and also collaborated v Herder and others ~ above the pamphlet “Von deutscher arts und Kunst,” which was a type of manifesto because that the Sturm und Drang. His novel Die Leiden des jungen Werthers (1774; The Sorrows that Young Werther), which epitomized the spirit of the movement, make him people famous and inspired a organize of imitators.

The dramatic literature of the Sturm und Drang to be its most characteristic product. Indeed, the very name the the movement was obtained from a beat by Friedrich von Klinger, who had been inspired by the desire to existing on the stage numbers of shak spa grandeur, subordinating structure considerations come character and also rejecting the conventions the French Neoclassicism, which had been imported by the movie critic Johann Christop von Gottsched. With the manufacturing of Die Räuber (1781; The Robbers) by Schiller, the drama the the Sturm und Drang gone into a brand-new phase.

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Self-discipline was no a tenet the the Sturm und Drang, and also the movement soon tired itself. Its two many gifted representatives, Goethe and Schiller, go on come produce an excellent works that developed the body and soul of German classical literature.